Education Week: ‘Pure intelligence’


Students at BYU Education Week gained a better understanding of the Spirit and how to follow it in the class Diane Bills Price gave Wednesday morning, Aug. 17, during Campus Education Week at BYU. Her comments focused on how the Spirit speaks to members individually and how, if they heed the Spirit, miracles will follow.

Sister Price described the Spirit as “pure intelligence” and reminded the class that bright revelation isn’t the way the Spirit comes, it is a still small voice. Because the Spirit is pure intelligence, He will bring peace to your mind, a warm feeling to your heart, and a burning in your bosom. If the Spirit is not with you, that pure intelligence is no longer with you so you feel a stupor of thought, nothing, or just plain normal thoughts when something is not right.

She explained how listening and understanding the Spirit will bless not only individuals, but also those around them through inspiration they receive to help and to support others in their lives.

She related a story about a woman who had devoted her life to serving the Lord visited the Temple Square north Visitors Center and had a deep connection with everything she saw there because she, too, loved the Savior. As she went through the visitor’ center, she picked up a shrink-wrapped copy of The Book of Mormon and asked one of the hosts to tell her more about the book.

As she tore off the wrap, the book fell open to a page that had a scripture perfectly underlined. She asked the host what that meant and he told her the Lord had a special message for her. The scripture was just what she needed to hear and she started to take the missionary lessons and was eventually baptized.

Sister Price explained the Holy Spirit knows how to speak to individuals directly and one to one, and if they heed Him, and listen to what He says, their lives will be blessed, as will be the lives of others around them.

Sister Price said there are three different ways the Spirit speaks: through words, dreams or visions. She counseled to always obey the counsel and inspiration given by the Spirit because the inspiration from the Holy Ghost is sent straight from Heavenly Father.

Sister Price asked, “What greater witness can you have then from God? God keeps His promise. If you have not seen the fulfillment of a promise yet, you will because God keeps His promises.”

She said that the Holy Ghost quickens the intellectual faculties, expands and purifies all the natural good tendencies, matures all the fine toned sympathies, inspires virtue, kindness, and charity and helps feelings increase and become more full. The Spirit tends to help feelings.

She likened modern-day struggles with understanding the Spirit to the parable of the ten virgins where the light that they are able to produce from their lamps is their guide, the oil is the Holy Spirit, and the vessel is what they fill their lives with. The more people do things that allow the Spirit into their lives, the more their vessels will be filled, and the brighter their light and guide will be.

She said, “We have to keep our vessels as clean and pure as we can so the Holy Spirit can be our guide because the Spirit is marrow to the bones, music to the ears, and life to the whole being.”