New stake presidents

New stakes

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Eight Mile Plains Australia and Gold Coast Australia stakes. The Coomera Australia Stake, which includes the Beenleigh, Coomera, Helensvale, Nerang, Pacific Pines and Windaroo wards, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy and Elder Andrew M. O’Riordan, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Madrid Spain East and Madrid Spain West stakes. The Madrid Spain Central Stake, which includes the Aranjuez and Cuenca branches and the Madrid 2nd, Madrid 5th, Madrid 6th, Madrid 8th, Madrid 1st and Toledo wards, was created by Elder Kent F. Richards of the Seventy and Elder Jose Reina, an Area Seventy.

COOMERA AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2012) President — Michael James Stone, 50, national sales manager at Prime Learning; wife, Sharon Mary Forrest Stone. Counselors — Joseph Howard Skipps, 56, director at Keystone Services; wife, Anita Frances Beeloo Skipps. Tai J. Cecil, 30, project manager for Wifbrook Projects; wife, Lauren Frances Eloise Cecil.

MADRID SPAIN CENTRAL STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Jose Luis Martin Escobar, 51, secretary at the Consulate of Chile; wife, Maria Lopez Alvarez. Counselors — Jose Luis Zacarias Barreto, 32, project manager for Indra Systems; wife, Evangelina Gelabert. Pablo Daniel Vinas Gomez, 35, room clerk for NH Hotels; wife, Patricia Daniela Valentti Luquez Vinas.

Stake reorganizations

AMMON IDAHO STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — David Randall Hurley, 62, principal in School District #91; succeeding H. Dwight Whittaker; wife, Cristine Ann Headman Hurley. Counselors — Alan Childs Stephens, 61, partner in Thomsen Stephens Law Offices; wife, Glenna Ann Jernigan Stephens. Melvin Reuel Smith, 63, communications liaison with Battelle Energy Alliance; wife, Lynet Marie Thomas Smith.

DAYTON OHIO STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Ricardo Valencia Jr., 50, applications sales representative for Oracle; succeeding John R. Ward; wife, Elizabeth Radke Valencia. Counselors — Clifford L. Alexander, 54, operations director with GP Strategies; wife, Lisa Hansen Alexander. Brian D. Zimmerman, 45, owner of physician technology partners; wife, Jennifer Ellen Bradford Zimmerman.

GRANADA SPAIN STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2012) President — Thomas Hanni, 39, team leader and manager at Bankia; succeeding Rafael Muñoz Campos; wife, Eva Maria Vergara Medina Hanni. Counselors — Claudio Ismael Segovia, 46, first officer; wife, Yolanda Edith Tuorto. Jose Nicolas Garcia Iglesias, 48, director of research at Junta de Andalucia; wife, Inmaculada Rodriguez Ruia.

NEPHI UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Craig Kent Hitchcock, 53, nurse anesthetist; succeeding Lynn A. Bailey; wife, Merry Lee Giacomo Hitchcock. Counselors — James Brent Sutherland, 55, owner of Sutherland Cabinet; wife, DeAnn Beardall Sutherland. Travis Jay Ludlow, 39, owner/manager of Ludlow Engineering; wife, DeeAnn Taylor Ludlow.

PUYALLUP WASHINGTON SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Steven A. Barker, 58, owner/president of N.W. Environmental; succeeding Ronald H. McCombs; wife, Karen Kay Shaffer Barker. Counselors — Marty Steven Daybell, 56, chief executive officer; wife, Cynthia Lee Fillmore Daybell. Jeremiah Joseph Shakespeare, 36, project manager at Sellen Construction; wife, Tiffany Marel Wilcox Shakespeare.

TAYLORSVILLE UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Curtis Allan Ivins, 45, rehabilitation manager for Veteran Affairs; succeeding J. Kevin Tindall; wife, Aleisha LeRae Howe Ivins. Counselors — Earl Blake Bolton, 65, sales and operations manager for DATS Trucking; wife, LaNae Roper Bolton. Mike Brunt, 44, case manager for CC Brown Law Offices; wife, Alisi Aloi Brunt.

WELLINGTON UTAH STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Robert Brian Powell, 40, rehab director at Castleview Hospital; succeeding Clyde D. Davis; wife, Julie Ann Killpack Powell. Counselors — Ryan Jay Hepworth, 52, school counselor for Emery School District; wife, K’Lyn Heaton Hepworth. Matt Lewis Rauhala, 56, salesman; wife, Pam Jean Norton Rauhala.

WAIPAHU HAWAII STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2012) President — Russell Rikio Watanabe, 62, president of Watanabe Floral, Inc.; succeeding J. Alan Walker; wife, Valle Ferrell Watanabe. Counselors — Scott James Bradshaw, 47, loan officer; wife, Jolene Kapuakeaonaona Keliiliki Bradshaw. Jon Gregory Pharis, 57, architect/president of Pharis & Associates, Inc.; wife, Kyoko Nagamine Pharis.