Anaheim stake honors mayor for promoting service


The Anaheim California Stake presented Mayor Tom Tait with the Max V. Eliason Humanitarian Service Award for his leadership in promoting a culture of kindness and public service in the city. The presentation took place on the stake’s 50th anniversary, March 14.

Brother Eliason was the first president of the stake and worked as a municipal court judge. The award was established to recognize Anaheim citizens who have made significant contributions of time and service in the community.

Elder Allen D. Haynie, an Area Seventy, explained that serving others through acts of kindness purifies, strengthens and cleanses the giver. “It causes us to have great hope in addition to blessing the lives of our Heavenly Father’s children,” he said.

Anaheim Stake President Phil T. Wolfgramm related a recent discussion he heard in a neighboring city council meeting where members considered if the city staff should be more family-oriented when communicating with the public. He expressed appreciation to Mayor Tait for choosing to reinforce the principle of kindness in Anaheim.

Since taking office more than four years ago and before that as a member of the city council, the mayor has urged residents to make kindness contagious.

The response has been overwhelming and has included volunteerism, youth mentoring and a program in which neighbors get to know one another.