Elder Holland, Bishop Caussé discuss Joan of Arc in BYUtv docudrama

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and Bishop Gérald R. Caussé, Presiding Bishop of the Church, talk about Joan of Arc in a new BYUtv docudrama.

In BYUtv’s “Joan of Arc,” they talk about Joan’s spirituality, the miracles in her life during the 15th century in France and the potential of one person to make a difference. Elder Holland had spoken on Joan of Arc during a New Year’s Eve celebration for youth in 2008, said Derek Marquis, managing director of BYUtv. BYUtv officials also reached out to Bishop Caussé, who is from France.

The 80-minute docudrama also includes scholars from Norte Dame University and Southern Methodist University. “Joan of Arc” includes a dramatization of her life filmed in France, including sweeping battle and fight scenes to intimate looks at her spirituality and conviction as she helped turn the tide of the war between France and the occupying English armies so that a king could be crowned in France. “Joan of Arc” premiers Nov. 26 and is scheduled to air several times throughout the Christmas season on BYUtv.