Business Insider names BYU the safest college in America

Awarded high marks for health and safety, Business Insider named Brigham Young University as the No. 1 safest college campus in America on Jan.12. After looking at a variety of factors — local and campus crime rates, drug and alcohol use, campus-security presence and emergency proceedures to name a few — the college-review site Niche determined the BYU campus excelled in health and safety.

Of a pool of 1,713 colleges located around the country, researchers assessed public and private traditional four-year colleges and universities.

For results, student surveys and reported crime rates on campus were considered, as well as freshman retention rates and graduation rates. Researchers looked at alcohol and drug-related arrests on campus per 1,000 students as reported by the college, and looked at the location’s general safety.

Statistics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education were used in the reporting. Niche is a research site that combines community review with hard data to rank colleges and universities through a step-by-step process.