Elder Ronald A. Rasband counsels and encourages saints in Tampico, Mexico


Elder Ronald A. Rasband is no stranger to Mexico, having traveled in the country extensively as a General Authority Seventy and as a member of the Presidency of the Seventy.

The Saints of Tampico, Mexico, felt blessed to have the new Apostle bring them counsel and encouragement during his recent assignment to the country April 15-17.

Traveling with Elder Benjamín De Hoyos, a General Authority Seventy and president of the Mexico Area, Elder Rasband met with missionaries of the Mexico Tampico Mission and conducted a priesthood leadership conference and a special stake conference for the Tampico Mexico Bosque Stake.

Elder Rasband counseled members and leaders to have faith. In spite of the sometimes difficult conditions they live in, “the most important thing to have is faith,” he reminded them. “As your faith strengthens, share it, give it to your brothers and sisters, spouse, and children,” he encouraged. “Don’t be a spiritual giant and keep it all to yourself!”

Elder Rasband also taught extensively on the power of family traditions that can build and strengthen families. He asked each member to consider the value of personal and family prayer, personal and family scripture study, family home evening, the honest payment of tithes and offerings, and standing in holy places.

The three holy places he identified were homes, chapels and, the most sacred place, the temple. “You have all three here!” he told the Saints of Tampico. “You have everything here in Tampico that we have in any other place in the Church.”

At the close of his visit, Elder Rasband shared his personal love and affection for the people of Mexico and his testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and assured them that Jesus Christ knows and loves each of them “one by one.”