New designation announced: ‘temple and family history consultant’

A change to facilitate Church members’ efforts in finding ancestors’ names and taking them to the temple for ordinance work, approved by the First Presidency, was announced Feb. 9 during the Family History Leadership Session in connection with RootsTech.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles announced early in the session: “To simplify our efforts in finding names and taking them to the temple — going forward, all family history consultants, center directors and indexing directors at all levels will now be called temple and family history consultants.

“These temple and family history consultants will be instructed to always work with the end in mind — assisting members in taking their family names to the temple. New training will be available on the website.

“We encourage you as priesthood leaders to include in these callings people of all ages and at all levels of experience in family history. This will be a great blessing to families, your stake and the consultants as they work together.”

The session was held in the Conference Center Theater in Salt Lake City and was attended by local stake presidents and other priesthood leaders along with their wives.