New stakes

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Ashburn Virginia and Centreville Virgina stakes. The Gainsville Virginia Stake, which consists of the Gainesville, Haymarket, Tall Cedars, Vint Hill, Warrenton 1st and Warrenton 2nd wards, was created by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk, a General Authority Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Harare Zimbabwe Stake. The Harare Zimbabwe East Stake, which consists of the Acturus, Damofalls and Marondera branches, and the Mabvuku 1st, Mabvuku 2nd, Ruwa and Tafara wards, was created by Elder Kevin S. Hamilton, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Walter Chatora, an Area Seventy.

GAINSVILLE VIRGINA STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Jon Erik Dionne, 51, vice president of engineering, RDA, Inc.; wife, Lisa Ann Barrus Dionne. Counselors — Johan Victor Carlson, 42, CEO, T-Zero; wife, Sara Elizabeth Fuller Carlson. Gregory Douglas Roney, 42, business owner; wife, Anna Christine Holmgren Roney.

HARARE ZIMBABWE EAST STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Ignatius Maziofa, 35, manager; wife, Bridget Mtetwa Maziofa. Counselors — Terrify A. Banda, 41, coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Mary Antonio Uarimo Banda. Edward Gramu, 44, recoveries manager, Trust Bank; wife, Patience Kazanjanani Gramu.

Reorganized stakes

ROME ITALY EAST STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Andrea Rondinelli, 54, officer, Graphic Design; succeeding Paolo Petrollini; wife, Mariela Rondinelli. Counselors — Giulio Celestini, 51, private mailman, Orsa Express; wife, Laura Simonetta Serenella Vardeu. Angelo Melone, 56, head of verifications, Customs Agency; wife, Elizabeth Santos Melone.

SALT LAKE HOLLADAY STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Gregg Theodore Christensen, 47, general counsel, Coltonwood Residential; succeeding Richard S. Boyer; wife, Marian Clayton Christensen. Counselors — Jon Davis Tingley, 54, principal, Tingey Adviser, Inc.; wife, Virginia Woodbury Tingley. Danny Ray Jones, 59, partner, Adagio Water Features, Millennia Investment Corp.; wife, Dianne Elise Barrett Jones.

SURPRISE ARIZONA STAKE: (Dec. 11, 2016) President — James Lind Ellis, 51, information analyst, Hewlett Packard; succeeding David P. Allen; wife, LeAnn Deem Ellis. Counselors — Quinn Raymond Kellis, 50, superintendent, Madison School District; wife, Suzanne Kae Moore Kellis. Brigham Scott Bennett, 46, building plans engineer, City of Surprise; wife, Carla Rochelle Gavin Bennett.

LAKEWOOD COLORADO STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Perry Hunt Richards, 56, vice president of business development, Tesoro Corp.; succeeding James M. Jackson; wife, Marian Russell Richards. Counselors — Rock James Carter, 54, CEO, National Insurance; wife, Peggy Carter. Efren Buenrostro, 44, route driver; wife, Felicia Michele Delgado Buenrostro.

WESTLAND MICHIGAN STAKE: (Nov. 20, 2016) President — David James Johnson, 52, director of Global Repairs Products, Ford; succeeding Marshall K. Medley; wife, Cheryl Twitchell Johnson. Counselors — Daniel Clarence Hill, 51, vice president/chief learning officer, AAA; wife, Natalie Jenson Hill. Scott Samuel Bowie, 43, VP corporate controller, Superior Industries; wife, Lisa Schwartz Bowie.