Brother M. Joseph Brough: ‘His Daily Guiding Hand’

Drawing from the words of a beloved Primary song, Brother M. Joseph Brough, second counselor in the Young Men general presidency, spoke on the ways “Heavenly Father will lead us, guide us, and walk beside us,” in his remarks during the Saturday morning session of general conference.

“Heavenly Father knows what you and I need better than anyone else,” Brother Brough said. “As a result, He has developed a personal care package suited to each one of us.”

Heavenly Father’s commandments are key components of the care package, he said.

Around his 14th birthday, Brother Brough said, he noticed a change in his parents’ behavior. “Considering what I observed, I asked, ‘Are we going on a mission?’ The shock on my mother’s face confirmed my suspicion.” Later in a family council, he and his siblings learned that their parents had been called to preside over a mission.

Shortly after learning about this calling, he realized he would have to give up his dog, Blue.

Brother Brough began reading the Book of Mormon and earnestly prayed for an answer about what to do with Blue. Over time, a specific thought kept coming to him. “Don’t be a burden to your parents. Don’t be a burden. I have called your parents.”

Though it hurt to give Blue away, he knew what Heavenly Father required of him. He found that “through that small sacrifice, my heart softened and I found peace in seeking Heavenly Father’s will.”

The youth of the Church “are blessed when they have parents and leaders who act for Heavenly Father in leading, guiding, and walking beside them,” Brother Brough said. He gave three principles for youth leaders to follow.

First, be with the youth. “To lead youth requires being with them. Devoted time is an expression of love that allows us to teach by word and example.”

Second, connect youth with heaven. “Our youth must know how to seek Heavenly Father’s guidance.”

Third, let youth lead. “Letting youth lead requires patience and love. It is harder and takes more time than doing it ourselves. They may stumble along the way, but we walk beside them.”

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