Colorado Springs stake hosts ‘A Night of Recognition for Exceptional Teachers’

Students nominated top teachers for a brass apple award at “A Night of Recognition for Exceptional Teachers” on April 28 in the Colorado Springs North Stake.

Graduating seniors selected 33 teachers from school districts 20 and 38 in El Paso County, Colorado. The seniors picked their favorite teachers who had influenced them the most over their 12 years of education.

Those honored included math, Spanish, piano and choir teachers, along with tennis and wrestling coaches. One student nominated her mother, who was her homeschool teacher.

Each student was required to write a 100-word tribute expressing the reasons why their chosen teacher had made such a difference in their lives.

Karen Brofft, superintendent of Lewis-Palmer School District 38, congratulated each teacher for his or her nomination.

“Our teachers have a compass and their compass is the kids,” she said.

The annual event originated in 2016 in conjunction with Academy School District 20’s Teacher Appreciation Week.

Kevin Woodward, president of the Colorado Springs North Stake, spoke to the teachers, saying, “May you continually enjoy the blessings of heaven in the vital service that you render as inspirational and impactful educators.”