Casting call for Book of Mormon videos

The LDS Motion Picture Studio is casting talent for the Church’s video library depicting scenes from the Book of Mormon. Members who are seasoned actors, amateurs, or those with no acting experience are invited to visit for more detailed information.

The production will portray the peoples of Ancient America between about 600 B.C. to A.D. 421. They are seeking experienced adult actors — mostly male roles — and background actors (with no lines) of all ages. Applicants may be of any ethnicity who physically resemble Native Americans of North, Central, or South America; Pacific Islanders; or persons of Middle Eastern descent.

All participants will be requested to have long hair (naturally black, brown, or gray/white/bald due to age), dark eyes, and an olive or brown complexion.


Those who are interested in participating can fill out the form here. Please include four current photos of yourself. All applications will be kept in a contacts list and will be notified for casting for the next season. Families are encouraged to apply, but please do so one-per-form.

Filming for the project began in June 2017 at the LDS Motion Picture Studio’s south campus near Goshen, Utah (located about one hour south of Salt Lake City). Because production will continue in various North American locations through 2022, casting will be ongoing over the next several years

The multiyear project will provide material for individual and family viewing, Sunday and seminary classroom viewing, missionary efforts, and other projects. The first videos are scheduled to be released later in 2018.

An official letter was sent Jan. 29 to ward and stake leaders encouraging them to invite members to participate.