Former mission presidents, Young Women general board member and others who died in July 2018

Justus Ernst, 89, who presided over the Freiberg Germany Temple from 1996-1998, died on July 9, 2018, in Salt Lake City.

Robert James Martin, 90, who presided over the Hawaii Honolulu Mission from 1981-1984, died on July 9, 2018, in Millcreek, Utah.

Betty Jo Carter Reiser, 94, who served as a member of the Young Women general board from 1966-1978, died on July 11, 2018, in Salt Lake City.

Daniel Earl Hurst, 94, who presided over the California San Bernardino Mission from 1989-1992 and the Australia Melbourne Mission from 1994-1995, died on July 15, 2018, in Orem, Utah.

Beverly Maxine Markus Williams, 80, who served with her husband, Duane Bruce Williams, who presided over the Panama Panama City Mission from 1998-2001, died on July 23, 2018, in Riverton, Utah.