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Rachel Sterzer Gibson

Rachel is a reporter for the Church News, sharing stories intended to inspire, enlighten and build faith.

“Preach My Gospel” chapter 10: At the 2023 Seminar for New Mission Leaders, Elder David A. Bednar encouraged leaders to find ways to help individuals focus their faith on Jesus Christ, learn correct principles for themselves and respond to invitations to act.

In a post on June 11, the 18-year-old wrote about being asked questions about his membership in the Church.

As part of a study abroad trip, a group of BYU students and professors traveled to Poland where they worked in a center for Ukrainian refugees.

“Clear, accurate, simple is the divine way of teaching,” Elder Andersen taught during a broadcast to seminary and institute teachers.

“I’m so thankful to God for the chance He gave me to participate in this journey,” says PathwayConnect student Matewos Teferi Rundasa.

In times of spiritual drought, remembering past witnesses can provide rain for parched souls, Primary general president taught.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson recently visited cities throughout Australia, including the remote town of Alice Springs in the country’s interior.

Elder Hancock also served as president of the Utah Provo Mission and as president of the Bern Switzerland Temple.

Looking back over nine decades, President Eyring says every good thing in his life has come from serving the Lord.

In Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults, President Oaks echoes President Nelson’s challenge to ‘know the truth and stand for it’

Elder D. Todd Christofferson described the new president as “an effective teacher and leader of organizations.”

President Henry J. Eyring has served over the past six years and will complete his time as BYU–Idaho president on Aug. 1.

Ni-Vanuatu Latter-day Saint Mariella Kaun sought to bring temple blessings to her people.

Read what Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, President Camille N. Johnson, Elder David A. Bednar and other leaders shared in honor of Mother’s Day.

In regards to Church service, Elder J. Kimo Esplin has learned “The Lord isn’t doing it to you; He’s doing it for you.”

‘You are strong enough to hold firm and move forward, closer to Jesus Christ and His glorious promises,’ Sister Craven said during BYU–Hawaii devotional.

BYU–Hawaii President John S.K. Kauwe III congratulated three alumni who received doctoral degrees during BYU’s recent graduation in Provo.

During BYU Women’s Conference, Sister Michelle D. Craig and Sister Rebecca L. Craven presented on dealing with feelings of inadequacy.

In the opening devotional for the semester, BYU–Hawaii President John S.K. Kauwe III invited students to seek covenant belonging.

Thursday’s graduation also included the final remarks of BYU President Kevin J Worthen, who steps down May 1.

‘Is your knowledge and testimony of truth strong enough that you can stare down compelling reasons to doubt and choose to believe?’

Elder Peter F. Meurs of the Pacific Area presidency conducted the April 22 event.

Nothing showcases the variety of cultures, countries and kingdoms represented at BYU–Hawaii better than its annual Culture Night.

Sister Helen Walser Wells, wife of emeritus general authority, died Sunday, April 16. She was 92.

An expert on religious pluralism in business talks about how to live one’s faith in the workplace.

The General Authority Seventy offered four ways individuals can build their lives “after the manner of God.”

In the last devotional of the winter semester, the Apostle taught BYU students about transformative technology and the transformative power of connecting to Jesus Christ.

During Ensign College’s winter commencement, Elder James W. McConkie III shared an observation, a story, some advice and a scripture.

Like Rafiki in “The Lion King” stirring the water and telling Simba to “look harder,” Brother Wilcox shared his hope that graduates will remember who they are as children of God.

New General Authority Seventies were shaped by a testimony of Jesus Christ and His Church.