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Ryker Eggenberger

Ryker Eggenberger is a Church News writing intern and almost-graduated student from Utah State University. Ryker served a mission in Quebec, Canada, and is currently studying creative writing. He has previously worked as a newswriter for the Utah Statesman newspaper and a content writer for an online blog about American national parks.

May 28-June 4: President Eyring turns 90, Elder Holland affirms the maturity and judgment of the First Presidency in his essay, American Idol winner Iam Tongi speaks about his faith and more.

See how both the Church’s recent humanitarian efforts and angels of “the mortal kind” are blessing thousands in Armenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Here are nine stories from the Church News from the week of May 21-27.

“Charity is the antidote to contention and a true characteristic of a follower of Jesus Christ,” said a Melbourne stake president.

See how youth and missionaries from three different countries are promoting FamilySearch and family history work.

“If you feel that your faith is buckling under the weight of an unrelenting and recurring personal weakness, draw strength from the reassuring words of your Redeemer, ‘be not afraid, only believe.’”