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Sarah Jane Weaver

Sarah Jane Weaver is the editor of the Church News. Since 1995 she has covered, among other things, the Church’s welfare services, Church Education and social issues impacting Latter-day Saints. Her favorite assignments include reporting on temple dedications and writing about members around the world. Sarah graduated from BYU with a degree in journalism and history and served as editor in chief of the BYU student newspaper, the Daily Universe. Before joining the Deseret News staff, she completed a Pulliam Fellowship at the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, Ariz.

Gratitude is “a fast-acting, long-lasting spiritual remedy,” President Russell M. Nelson promised in November 2020.

Historians Jennifer Reeder, Lisa Olsen Tait and Cherry Bushman Silver talk about the life and influence of Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells.

It is hard to find a word in the English language that carries more power than the word “home,” writes Church News editor Sarah Jane Weaver.

President Ballard testifies of First Vision, Book of Mormon in “Our Message” video.

Army Lt. Col. Sonie Munson, media operations chief for U.S. Northern Command, and Andrea Wagenbach, who works for the U.S. Department of Defense, talk about their service on the Church’s Military Advisory Committee

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland concludes 3-nation European ministry by addressing leaders, youth and members in Finland and promises that “the prayers of the righteous will prevail.”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland reflects on the significance of Sweden in the Church’s history and missionaries shares their families’ Swedish roots.

The painting by Maynard Dixon hangs in President Oaks’ office in the Church Administration Building as an important reminder.

‘This is God’s very truth,’ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland testifies to children, youth, missionaries and members in Germany

Suzanne Bates gives insight to the 2022 American Family Survey, which finds that Americans are divided politically and losing confidence in marriage.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson spoke on a panel in Bali about tolerance, hope and peace.

During a ministry visit to Germany, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland met with Ukrainian refugees and expressed gratitude to the German Saints helping them.

The phrase from Rabbi Soloveichik — “The soul of man in the candle of God” — helps represent the power of faith.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland told young Latter-day Saints in Germany, God’s love is the answer to doubt.

President Russell M. Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said that after 94 years, his testimony is very secure and real.

President M. Russell Ballard said women have the “most important voice that a bishop can hear” when counseling about the needs of a ward.

In this episode of the Church News podcast, President Ballard speaks about pioneers, leadership and testimony.

“The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and … the First Presidency will always guide this Church in the direction it should go,” President Ballard said in “Guiding the Church” video.

As Latter-day Saints study the Old Testament, Jewish Rabbi Meir Soloveichik shares insights into the Hebrew Bible, religious liberty and being light kindlers.

“It thrills me to see it now just more beautiful than it’s ever been,” says local resident Meg Pratt of the Washington D.C. Temple.

This episode of the Church News podcast features the Young Men leaders talking about the new guide, FSY conferences and the 2023 youth theme.

Addressing Latter-day Saints in British Columbia and Alberta, President Nelson calls Canada a “seedbed of faithful Saints from the earliest days of the Restoration.”

The Rev. Andrew Teal presents Elder Holland a Charles II Restoration Bible, printed in the late 1600s after the English Civil War

Religious leaders from New York City see how the Church of Jesus Christ shares what it has with those in need

The March 2022 incident did not include ‘donation history or any banking information associated with online donations.’

This episode of the Church News podcast highlights charity and healing after 14 Wyoming football players were dismissed from their university team five decades ago.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Patricia Holland share how they helped each other while serving as president of BYU and counselor in the Young Women general presidency, respectively.

This episode includes a recap of messages from Church leaders during the October 2022 general conference.

After he gave his opening address at October 2022 general conference, President Russell M. Nelson posted on social media about why he was sitting during his message.

Members will have the opportunity to sustain President Nelson as President of the Church during the 192nd Semiannual General Conference.