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Valerie Walton

Valerie Walton is a Church News reporter and editorial assistant, University of Utah grad, Ensign College student and returned missionary who served in Florida. She loves knitting, Church history artifacts and teaching Sunday School. Email:

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After her husband’s hospitalization for depression, Valerie Walton found strength and blessings from a surprising source: accepting a calling as a Sunday School teacher.

“Such wrestling is a struggle to find and express one’s real desires and receive inspiration of the Holy Ghost,” Elder Yamashita teaches.

In an institute devotional address, Elder Rasband explains how personal integrity has defined his life from marriage and Church service to business and career.

Despite individual or family circumstances, each person is “dear to the heart of the Good Shepherd,” Elder Taniela B. Wakolo taught at a BYU–Hawaii devotional on Sept. 20.

During the Days of ‘47 Sunrise Service, Elder Lynn G. Robbins taught listeners to choose “not a spirit of murmuring, but a spirit of ‘faith in every footstep.’”

As the Aug. 1 transition of the Relief Society general presidency comes closer, these leaders want their testimonies of the Savior to be remembered best.

When it comes to ambitions, make sure your life’s drill is set to go forward, Bishop L. Todd Budge of the Presiding Bishopric taught in a BYU Pathway Worldwide devotional.

“I’m not the same mother I was when I started,” Sister J. Anette Dennis said. “[The Lord] teaches you along the way through your children.”

In an Ensign College devotional, he asks listeners what expectations they might have about prophets and if they are assuming things that are incorrect.