New stake presidents

New stakes

Five new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Benin City Nigeria Ikpokpan and the Benin City Nigeria Oregbeni stakes. The Benin City Sokponba Stake, which consists of the Erediauwa and Idogbo branches, and the Ekae, Evuoriaria, Igun 2nd, Sokponba, Ugbekun, Upper Sokponba wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Frederick O. Akinbo, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Bluffdale Utah South Stake. The Bluffdale Utah Independence Stake, which consists of the Independence 1st, Independence 2nd, Independence 3rd, Independence 4th and Independence 5th wards, was created by Elder Michael T. Ringwood, General Authority Seventy, and Elder William B. Woahn, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Brisbane Australia Logan, the Coomera Austalia and the Eight Mile Plains Australia stakes. The Brisbane Australia Beenleigh Stake, which consists of the Waterford Branch, and the Beeleigh, Loganhome, Park Ridge 1st, Regents Park and Windaroo wards, was created by Elder O. Vincent Haleck, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Keith P. Walker, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Ekpoma Nigeria Disctrict. The Ekpoma Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Avbiosi, Ekpoma, Iruekpen 1st, Iruekpen 2nd, Iruekpen 3rd, Ozalla 1st, Ozalla 2nd and Ozalla 3rd wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Frederick O. Akinbo, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Pinhais Brazil and the Sao Jose dos Pinhais Brazil stakes. The São José do Pinhais Brazil Jardim Ipê Stake, which consists of the Borda do Campo and Guarituba branches, and the Afonso Pena, Jardim Ipê, Parque de Fonte and Piraquara wards, was created by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Marco A. Rais, an Area Seventy.

BENIN CITY NIGERIA SOKPONBA STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) President — Peter Egbunu Yahaya, 41, self-employed; wife, Ejiro Yahaya. Counselors — Augustine Otogo Agbor, 54, administrator, Danco; wife, Sandra Bose Akidimah Agbor. Pedro Ekuobase Ohanmu, 43, director, Foresight Art Concept; wife, Blessing Evbareke Obayiuwana Ohanmu.

BLUFFDALE UTAH INDEPENDENCE STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Eric Don Hawkins, 47, director of media relations, LDS Church; wife, Stacey Phillips Hawkins. Counselors — William Dell Russell, 54, inventory control, Amerifleet; wife, Diane Hutchings Russell. Joseph Kent Parry, 27, director of operations, Skipio LLC; wife, Trisha Nyman Parry.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA BEENLEIGH STAKE: (March 4, 2018) President — Francis Iva, 35, managing director, Institute of Pacifica Australia; wife, Kaiserina Iptin Ho Kum Iva. Counselors — Tai Cecil Jr., 36, managing director, Proficient Projects; wife, Lauren Frances Eloise Walker Cecil. Olene Tuiatua, 47, IT director, Pitcher Parinecs; wife, Malissa Magdalene Tuiatua.

EKPOMA NIGERIA STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2018) President — Abraham A. Ebowemen, 37, teacher; wife, Faith O. Abraham. Counselors — Stanley B. Omokhodion, 54, teacher; wife, Mercy O. Omokhodion. Christopher Oigiangbe, 53, principal education officer; wife, Philo C. Oigiangbe.

SÃO JOSÉ DOS PUNHAIS BRAZIL JARDIM IPÊ STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Celso Tamanho, 57, banker, Bradesco Incorporated; wife, Cassia Sueli dos Santos. Counselors — Edemar Kuhnen Martins, 43, supervisor, Execpar; wife, Silmara Barbosa. Thiago Martins Diogo, 31, solutions analyst, ISAE/FGV Get Vargas Foundation; wife, Giselle Goulart Pertile Diogo.

Reorganized stakes

BENIN CITY NIGERIA IKPOKPAN STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) — Charles Ogieva Evbuomwan, 50, senior accountant, Health Management Board Edo State; succeeding Ikechukwu James Ibe; wife, Esther Ekinadoese Omosigho Evbuomwan. Counselors — Osaigbovo Joseph Avbuohien, 36, engineer, Oredo Local Government; wife, Uwaila Omozee Avbuohien. Uyi Telvis Okhomina, 50, self-employed; wife, Doris Uninwbn Anoka.

BENIN CITY NIGERIA OREGBENI STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) President — Goodwin Ogochukwu Meteke, 58, self-employed; succeeding Peter E. Yahaya; wife, Clementina Ihponukwu Ujeh Meteke. Counselors — Esiwmajemiie Monday Tenumah, 54, managing director; wife, Helen Yamiye. Etinosa Omorogbe, 37, chief clerical officer, Edsogdadec; wife, Uwalla Faith Omorogbe.

LAKE CITY FLORIDA STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Scott Douglas Hinson, 58, sales representative, Midwest Fastner Corporation; succeeding Joshua W. Smith; wife, Dianna Faye Isaacs Hinson. Counselors — Mark Davis Duren, 61, self-employed; wife, Jean Lea Clanton Duren. Israel Kenneth Hunter, 38, multi-branch manager, People Ready; wife, Natalie Jean Smith Hunter.

LAS PIÑAS PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Raymond Rivera Vicente, 42, area fleet manager, LDS Church; succeeding Elmer S. Sumagpao; Marylene Antenor Roman Vicente. Counselors — Rene Simondo Muyco, 55, accountant; wife, Eriza Modella Hernandez Capitulo Muyco. Silvestre Ariola Manaligod, 53, senior analyst, LDS Church; wife, Maria Estela Israel Cano Manaligod.

NORTH SALT LAKE UTAH STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Nolan Scott Taylor, 58, attorney; succeeding Ricardo E. Castillo; wife, Rhonda Henderson Taylor. Counselors — Rick Lyman Stratford, 49, attorney; wife, Jodie Nilson Stratford. Spencer Elliott Richards, 44, medical director, Intermountain Healthcare; wife, Molly Mason Richards.

PORLAMAR VENEZUELA STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Yoel Erasmo Gomez Rojas, 42, self-employed; succeeding Moises D. Diaz Luna; wife, Jennifer Cristina Barrios Rojas. Counselors — Alexis Jose Rojas, 56, salesman; wife, Carmen Restrepo Vera. Carlos Martinez Cabrera, 51, self-employed; wife, Paola Gabriela Gionvanardi Vasquez.

POZA RICA MEXICO STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Patricio Olvera Arguelles, 57, self-employedl succeeding Gaudencio V. Castlelan Soto; wife, Violeta Valle Aguilar. Counselors — Pedro Blanco Flores, 46, personnel support, S.E.V.; wife, Placida Lopez Pita. Alfredo Dominguez Mascareãs, 32, teacher; wife, Alheli Esperanza Rodriguez Olivera.

PROVO UTAH YSA 1ST STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — David Bruce McGinn, 55, chief financial officer, Agilix; succeeding Richard Neitzel Hozapfel; wife, Lori Mangum McGinn. Counselors — Chad Alvin Rowley, 59, general manager, Payson Fruit Growers; wife, Lisa Harding Rowley. John Ben Haws, 43, professor; wife, Laura Favero Haws.

RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — William Gerald Thornton Jr., 49, vice president of tax, BMC; succeeding Matthew S. Harding; wife, Angela Lynn Jennings Thornton. Counselors — Christian Kenneth Robinson, 41, director of OCM, BB&T Bank; wife, JoAnna Leigh Carman Robinson. Enos Tracy, 59, president, Cormetech Incorporated; wife, Betha Pauline Milner Tracy.

SAFFORD ARIZONA STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Bradford Nathan Montierth, 50, physician; succeeding D. Corey Sanders; wife, Jeanette Marcroft Montierth. Counselors — Clayton Hargis, 49, physician; wife, Kristin June Ferrel Hargis. Palmer L. Goodman, 38, self-employed; wife, Rebecca Suzanne Curtis Goodman.

SARATOGA SPRINGS UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Christopher John Lewis, 44, export sales manager, Revent Incorportated; succeeding Ronald B. Edwards; wife, Monique Cheree Renslow Lewis. Counselors — Terry Meade Smith, 47, IT security and risk manager, CR England; wife, Lisa Richardson Smith. Brock Lavar Bateman, 35, journeyman lineman, Rocky Mountain Power; wife, Arin Beckstead Bateman.

SOUTH JORDAN UTAH COUNTRY PARK STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — Timothy Samuel McCoy, 42, coporate counsel, Boral Industries; succeeding Terry R. Sorenson; wife, Candi Ann Nickel McCoy. Counselors — Craig Norman Martin, 51, executive vice president, WesTech Engineering Incorporated; wife, Shannon Michelle Cassidy Martin. Glen Shigeru Walbeck, 56, secondary capital markets, Academy Mortgage; wife, Shari Louise Leifson Walbeck.

WASHINGTON DC STAKE: (March 11, 2018) President — David Nathan Sheets, 53, chief economist, PGIM Fixed Income; succeeding James R. Baird; wife, Kimberly Ann Thomason Sheets. Counselors — Kim Oliver Golightly, 59, tax consultant, Ernst & Young LLP; wife, Anne Elizabeth Ashworth Golightly. Stephen Henry Alfandre, 38, founding principal, Urban Alfandre; wife, Callie Kay Vessels Alfandre.

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