Here are the latest stake presidents called to serve in the Church

ASHAIMAN GHANA STAKE: (April 22, 2018) — Alexander Kwame Boateng, 40, seminaries and institutes coordinator, LDS Church; succeeding Isasc K. Morrison; wife, Anita Naadza Sackey Boateng. Counselors — Edward Kofi Senanu, 50, area planning manager, LDS Church; wife, Elizabeth Esi Ezookwa-Quaisie. Nikoi Dsane, 38, real estate supervisor, LDS Church; wife, Adjoa Anoa Amoa-Ampah Dsane.

CENTERVILLE UTAH CANYON VIEW STAKE: (April 22, 2018) — Brent Welden Daines, 54, senior manager, Eide Bailley, LLP; succeeding Hayden S. Felt; wife, Tearsa Aline Daines. Counselors — M. Lindsay Ford, 59, attorney, Parsons Behle and Latimer; wife, Charlene Tanner Ford. Daniel Siebach Young, 46, president, WCEC Engineers; wife, Anna Jean Sims Young.

EKET NIGERIA STAKE: (April 15, 2018) President — Gabriel Archibong Inam, 46, procurement/contracting specialist, Universal Energy; succeeding Osom Essien Okono; wife, Unwana Gabriel Brown Inam. Counselors — Chidi Brownson Owor, 43, fixed-wing flight, Grafen Oilfield; wife, Victoria Chidi Udosen Owor. Okon Etia Bassey, 38, CIC, Tombim Service LTD; wife, Esther Benjamin Thomas.

FRANKFURT GERMANY STAKE: (April 15, 2018) President — Manuel Metzner, 47, counsel, Cleary Gottlieb; succeeding Michael Cziesla; wife, Juleen May Stephens Metzner. Counselors — Christian Walter Nabrotzky, 46, self-employed, RA Christian Nabrotzky; wife, Verena Nabrotzky. David Shauperl, 52, camera operator, LDS Church; wife, Susanne Rotraut Zander Schauperl.

FRISCO TEXAS STAKE: (April 22, 2018) — Kristopher G. Katseanes, 40, vice president of sales and service, FC Dallas/Toyota Stadium; succeeding Stuart B. Alleman; wife, Katie Marie Lamburn Katseanes. Counselors — Taylor Gleyre Frederickson, 52, president, Triathlon Battery Solutions; wife, Zan Woodhouse Frederickson. Brian Carlyle Perkes, 46, vice president, Advisors Asset Mgt.; wife, Teri Ann Shonklin Perkes.

HERMOSILLIO MEXICO PITIC STAKE: (April 22, 2018) — Fabian Ignacio Losoay Bernal, 47, air traffic control, SENEAM, S.C.T.; succeeding Karlo A. Diarte Cortes; wife, Mendoza Florina Sotelo. Counselors — Alejandro Virgen Arvayo, 33, visa assistant, American Consulate; wife, Iraidalia Perez Duran. Eduardo Diaz Badillo, 35, administrator, Alejandro Diaz; wife, Diana Elena Haro Garcia.

KUNA IDAHO EAST STAKE: (April 8, 2018) — Brent Dal Christensen, 48, senior clinical supervisor, Norco Inc; succeeding Grant H. Francis; wife, Jennifer Lynn Riley Christensen. Counselors — Kevin Roy Smith, 56, certified public accountant, Eide Bailey LLP; wife, Katherine Li Fairbanks Smith. Eugene Early Tippetts, 61, owner, Idaform; wife, Janet Tippetts.

LONDON ENGLAND WANDSWORTH STAKE: (April 22, 2018) — Christopher Augustus Cooke, 37, policeman; succeeding Jessup L. Taylor; wife, Caroline Emma Arthurs Cooke. Counselors — Nathan Christopher Guage-Klein, 34, financial analyst, Lloyos Bank; wife, Teri Victoria Gage-Klein. Jairo Adolfo Delgado, 51, area manager, Julius Rutherford; wife, Ludivia Delgado.

MACEIO BRAZIL PAJUCARA STAKE: (April 22, 2018) President — Dinio Teodoro de Góes, 33, self-reliance director, LDS Church; succeeding Rogerio dos Santos; wife, Vivian Jordão Mendes de Góes. Counselors — Deivid de Lima Silva, 37, social media marketer; wife, Maria Luisa Alencar Barbosa. Milton César de Sousa, 51, information technology manager; wife, Sandra Maria Pugliese Sousa.

PROVO UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (April 15, 2018) President — Mark Edward Hubner, 57, psychiatrist, Access Ohio; succeeding Edward L. Carter; wife, Brenda Kay Poyfair Hubner. Counselors — William Morrell Payton, 57, vice president, Spring 2 Solutions; wife, Sarah Lyn Wright Payton. Pablo Alejando Penailillo, 34, operations manager, Best Janitorial; wife, Rebecca Lopez Penailillo.

ST CLOUD MINNESOTA STAKE: (April 8, 2018) President — Nicholas Vincent Izzo, 44, business development, CHEP; succeeding Randal G. Baker; wife, Sarah Beth Izzo. Counselors — Jason Wells Grover, 48, human resources vice president, Polans Industries; wife, Rochelle Ann Jensen Grover. Trevor Kent Tanner, 42, sales, Orgill Inc; wife, Jocelyn Newman Tanner.

VIENNA AUSTRIA STAKE: (April 15, 2018) President — Roland Josef Back, 42, IT manager; succeeding Helmut Wondra; wife, Terea Namer Back. Counselors — Jared Heinz Jankowsky, 42, head of central office management, Frequentis AG; wife, Nina Sabine Griell Jankowsky. Steven Frank Henrich, 52, self-employed; wife, Johanna Henrich-Lerjch.

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