Meet these new stake presidents who were recently called in August

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the A Coruña Spain District. The A Coruña Spain Stake, which consists of the El Ferrol, Gijón, La Coruña, León, Lugo, Orense, Oviedo, Ponferrada, Pontevedra, Santiago de Compstela and Vigo branches, was created by Elder Paul V. Johnson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Saulo G. Franco, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the San Antonio Philippines District. The San Antonio Philippines Stake, which consists of the San Antonio and San Narciso branches and the Cabangan, Castillejos, San Felipe and San Marcelino wards, was created by Elder Evan A. Schmutz, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Aretemio C. Maligon, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Winneba Ghana Stake. The Swedru Ghana Stake, which consists of the Aboso, Asikuma, Breman, Odoben 2nd, Swedru 4th and Swedru 5th branches and the Odoben 1st, Swedru 1st, Swedru 2nd and Swedru 3rd wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Anthony Quaisie, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Tolosa Philippines District. The Tolosa Philippines Stake, which consists of the Anibong Julita, Luneta La Paz, Mayorga and San Roque branches and the Abuyong, Burauen, Canmogsay, Dagami, Dulag and Tolosa wards, was created by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Ryan V. Pagaduan, an Area Seventy.

A CORUÑA SPAIN STAKE: (Aug. 5, 2018) President — Juan Carlos Aguado Garcia, 51, mathematics professor; wife, Maria Rosa Sanchez Lorenzo. Counselors — David Amado Pazos, 41, senior consultant, VSM Systems; wife, Adriana Mariela Cantillo Vaccarino. Daniel Horasco Pan Suarez, 50, technician, Rilo Maquinaria; wife, Maria Paula Scoresello Cisne Ros.

SAN ANTONIO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 5, 2018) President — Salvador Sales Soquila, 44, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine dean, President Ramon Magsaysay State University; wife, Gerrily Penña Navarro Soquila. Counselors — Dionisio Ygerubay Evangelista, 54, teacher and librarian; wife, Aralyn Garcia Amistoso Evangelista. Jesus T. Dela Cruz Jr., 52, self-employed; wife, Dana Vanessa M. Dela Cruz.

SWEDRU GHANA STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — Amos Wallace, 39, teacher; wife, Grace Otema Wallace. Counselors — Maxwell Acheampong, 40, lecturer; wife, Abigail Agyeiwaa Acheampong. Samuel A. Taylor, 33, religion and history teacher; wife, Afriyie Boakye Beatrice Taylor.

TOLOSA PHILPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — Bryan Michael T. Villegas, 43, project manager; wife, Diana Lopee Capanera Villegas. Counselors — Jess D. Bulanon, 31, teacher; wife, Joy Ann Ocard Villarmino. Mario P. Ellazar, 33, foreman; wife, Mary Chille Devaras Cobacha.

Reorganized stakes

MESA ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — Cory Paul Ellsworth, 58, biographer; succeeding Michael J. Toone; wife, Amy Lynn Bowden. Counselors — Michael Dwayne Petramalo, 58, institute director; wife, Ruth Ann Ray Petramalo. Paul Hendrik Pothier, 51, co-owner, Smith Steel Works; wife, Angela Diane Smith Pothier.

NORTH OGDEN UTAH COLDWATER STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — Cameron McKay Ryan, 50, commercial sales manager, Stoker Parson; succeeding Paul A. Mackley; wife, Carolann Schiffman Ryan. Counselors — Mark Bullock Malan, 57, logistics specialist, Rocky Mountain Power; wife, Allyn Kayleen Newell Malan. Stephen Lawrence Hall, 55, CES teacher; wife, Heidi Gift Hall.

PRINCE GEORGE BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — David Reed Coleman, 63, director of education, Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia; succeeding Eugene K. Marks; wife, Laurel Patrice Robinson Coleman. Counselors — Gerold Lee Arnold, 62, self-employed; wife, Maureen Elana Arnold. Hugh Brock Campbell, 56, forest technologist, Boreal Enterprises; wife, Sandra Leah Campbell.

SALT LAKE HUNTER EAST STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — Adriel Burkholder, 46, owner and partner, MyDBSolutions; succeeding Daniel J. Isaac; wife, Deborah Brown Burkholder. Counselors — Douglas G. Harris, 59, systems engineer, Northrop Gurmman; wife, Colleen Louise Lane Harris. Darrell Quintin Best, 65, owner and general contractor, Best Brothers Construction; wife, Kim Marlene Williams Best.

SANDY UTAH WEST STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2018) President — Steven Lee McCleary, 49, assistant facilities coordinator, Canyons School District; succeeding Tracy S. Cowdell; wife, Jamie Leigh Young McCleary. Counselors — David Tyson Welling, 42, regional manager, Stryker; wife, Kristen Marie Manning Welling. Christopher Joel Ashby, 44, president and CEO, Rockwell Properties; wife, Katli Ogden Ashby.

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