Here are the recently called stake presidents

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Abakaliki Nigeria District. The Abakaliki Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Abakaliki, Amasiri, Edda and Enechi Akuma branches and the Afikpo 1st, Afikpo 2nd, Itim, Nkwagu, Okposi and Ozizza wards, was created by Elder Hugo E. Martinez, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Fredrick O. Akinbo, an Area Seventy.

ABAKALIKI NIGERIA STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) President — Erhiori Godwin Idudu, 39, resident doctor, Federal Teaching Hospital; wife, Justina Onome Ogbedaye Idudu. Counselors — Amaechi Callstus Nwatu, 31, head porter, Fetha; wife, Chidera Lucy Nwatu. Nnanna Oko Chukwu, 37, principal librarian, Ebonyi State; wife, Queendaline Ogochukinu Chukwu.

A new stake has been created from the Ammon Idaho, Firth Idaho, Idaho Falls Ammon West, Idaho Falls North, Idaho Falls South, Shelley Idaho South, Shelley Idaho and Ucon Idaho stakes. The Idaho Falls YSA Stake, which consists of the Parkside YSA, Shelley YSA 1st and Shelley YSA 2nd branches and the Ammon YSA, Bonneville YSA, Community Park YSA, Dunbar YSA and Foothills YSA wards, was created by Elder Bradley D. Foster, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Bradford C. Bowen, an Area Seventy.

IDAHO FALLS YSA STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2018) President — Brad H Hall, 65, chairman of the board, Brad Hall & Associates and LP Propane, and president, E-H Farms; wife, Andrea Perkins Hall. Counselors — Kirt Lamont Hodges, 50, retired; wife, Shawna Lyn Porter Hodges. Charles M. Hunter, 69, dentist; wife, Susan Jane Vignone Hunter.

A new stake has been created from the Fort Myers Florida Stake. The Naples Florida Stake, which consists of the Estero YSA, Hibiscus, Immokalee, Liberte and McGregor branches and the Bahia and Bonita Springs wards, was created by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Peter M. Johnson, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Lima Peru Santa Anita, Lima Peru Santa Patricia and Lima Peru Vitarte stakes. The Lima Peru Mayorazgo Stake, which consists of the Covima, Mayorazgo 1st, Mayorazgo 2nd, Portales and Veintisiete de Abril wards, was created by Elder Mathias Held, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Victor R. Calderón, an Area Seventy.

LIMA PERU MAYORAZGO STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Pavel Francisco Bermúdez Lazo, 44, legal counsel, La Positiva Seguros; wife, Sharon Ameli Bejar Usquiano. Counselors — Fredy Humberto Garavito Camacilanqui, 45, chief operations officer, Analitica Visual Consulting; wife, Gaby Isabel Ávalos Pino. Luis Enrique Fernandini Rahe, 40, manager of agencies, Banco Pichincha; wife, Ivonne Melina Chamochumbi Rodriguez.

NAPLES FLORIDA STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Joseph L. Lindsay, 51, attorney, Lindsay and Allen; wife, Stacy M. Konold Lindsay. Counselors — Michael Kelly Crowder, 58, senior consultant, Korn Ferry; wife, Julie Anne Closser Crowder. Mario Fernandez, 66, retired; wife, Fuedesuiuda Fernandez.

A new stake has been created from the Rexburg Idaho YSA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th stakes. The Rexburg Idaho YSA 11th Stake, which consists of the Rexburg YSA 11th, 16th, 28th, 35th, 49th, 50th, 68th, 85th, 114th, 115th, 116th and 117th wards, was created by Elder Steven E. Snow, General Authority Seventy, and Elder M. Dirk Driscoll, an Area Seventy.

REXBURG IDAHO YSA 11TH STAKE: (Sept. 30, 2018) President — Robert Irvin Eaton, 54, associate academic vice president of instruction, BYU-Idaho; wife, Dianne Hansen Eaton. Counselors — Kirk Walter Peterson, 63, president, Peterson Enterprises; wife, Nancy Faye Andrus Peterson. Eric Andreasen, 51, physical therapy rehab director, Rehab Specialists of Idaho; wife, Nickole “Nikki” Jensen Andreasen.

A new stake has been created from the Santa Cruz Bolivia La Merced and Santa Cruz Bolivia La Pampa stakes. The Santa Cruz Bolivia La Libertad Stake, which consists of the La Cañada, La Libertad, Plan Tres Mil, Primero de May and Quince de Septiembre wards, was created by Elder Hugo Montoya, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Edgar A. Mantilla, an Area Seventy.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA LA LIBERTAD STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Sammy Torrez Saldias, 34, owner and manager, Saldias Pest Control Division; wife, Jenny Gladys Chuquimia Limachi. Miguel Franco Cayoja Flores, 42, programmer, self-employed; wife, Claribel Cuevas Cayoja Cuevas. Santos Rogelio Jiménez Condori, 57, projects and building manager, self-employed; wife, Julia Basilica Baoz Patzi.

A new stake has been created from the Santa Rosa Ecuador District. The Santa Rosa Ecuador Stake, which consists of the Arenillas and Piñas branches and the Huaquillas, Pasaje, Santa Rosa 1st, Santa Rosa 2nd and Santa Rosa 3rd wards, was created by Elder Mathias Held, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Alberto A. Álvarez, an Area Seventy.

SANTA ROSA ECUADOR STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Leon Yezid Armando Valarezo, 50, treasurer, Nucleo de Solca Machala; wife, Samantha Marina Muñoz Guajala. Counselors — Javier Wilberto Granda Parrales, 40, logistics coordinator, Chen Gye Cia. LTD; wife, Mayra Lisseth Suqui Cuenca. Jorge Cristiams Tello Riofrio, 38, teacher, Ministry of Education; wife, Alexandra Sanchez Vergara Grecia.

Reorganized Stakes

AREQUIPA PERU PAUCARPATA STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Juan Diego Morales Morales, 33, regional senior executive, Protecta Security; succeeding Jose L. Delgado Quispe; wife, Katherine Sosa Rodríguez. Counselors — Raúl Honorato Apaza Cruz, 56, textile technician, Inca Tops S.A.; wife, Calixta Fortunata Soto Aguilar. Vidar Israel Carbajal Rivera, 45, self-employed marketing and advertising specialist; wife, Rosa Nayda Sequeiros Chávez.

CROIX-DES-MISSION HAITI STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2018) President — Fresnel Charles, 34, temple facilities manager; succeeding Kerving H. Joseph; wife, Nerlande Saint-Fleur. Counselors — Karlyle Raphael, 52, Church facilities manager; wife, Myrlandeo Michel Raphael. Adner Louis, 37, administrative assistant, Pierre Jorel; wife, Roseline de Rosier Louis.

CADIZ PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Dennis Aying Ceniza, 35, sales agent, Ronald Villa; succeeding Ricardo Portilla Sombilla; wife, Roxanne Lamag Barranco Ceniza. Counselors — Eric Mercado Guillermo, 43, jail officer; wife, Doris Mae Alarcon Manzon Guillermo. Redato D. Sipe, 52, collector, Better Line Lending Company; wife, Roselyn Soleta Bones Sipe.

FARR WEST UTAH POPLAR STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Michael William Broadbent, 42, oral surgeon; succeeding John L. Watson; wife, Aimee Louise Ellis Broadbent. Counselors — David Paraskevas Bolos, 41, vice president of business development, Red Bell Real Estate; wife, Breanna Thompson Bolos. Rick John Taylor, 50, seminaries and institutes educator; wife, Anne Christine Hawkes Taylor.

FOLSOM CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Treaver Kent Hodson, 51, attorney and partner, Palmer Kazanjian Wohl Hodson; succeeding Daniel B. Harrison; wife, Diane Kay Squires Hodson. Counselors — Norman Moser White, 50, senior attorney, Intel Corporation; wife, Allyson Maureen Boice White. Casey Miller Stoeltzing, 52, biopharmaceutical sales, AMGEN; wife, Tamera Coulam Stoeltzing.

FORT MYERS FLORIDA STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Christopher M. Keith Thompkins, 43, attorney, Lindsay and Allen; succeeding Joseph L. Lindsay; wife, Ilaisaane Tu'pou Taanea Pahulu Thompkins. Counselors — Charles Daniel Cole, 49, manager, Sunburst Shutters; wife, Patricia Adriana Blanco Pina Cole. Elmer Roderico Paiz, transcription specialist, Iron Mountain; wife, Janet de Lao Paiz.

GOODYEAR ARIZONA STAKE: (Sept. 30, 2018) President — Don L. Rainey, 57, estimating manager, Walsh Group; succeeding Kent H. Chou; wife, Dana Lynn Burns Rainey. Counselors — Jace Coly Larkin, 41, managing pharmacist, clinical programs, Humana Pharmacy; wife, Heidi Renee Nielson Larkin. Gordon David Thelin, 48, engineer and project manager, Carollo Engineers; wife, Ashley Farmer Thelin.

IPSWICH ENGLAND STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) President — Robert Francis Schwartz, 40, partner, general counsel, Tyndaris LLP; succeeding Simon Fagg; wife, Amy Whisenant Schwartz. Counselors — Enrique Cano Carballar, 45, software developer and manager, General Electric; wife, Dawn Louise Brooks Cano-Carballar. David Fagg, 49, sales director and partner, JAS; wife, Jane Amanda Palmer.

KAUAI HAWAII STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) President — William Elliott Summerhays, 45, executive vice president, Layton Construction; succeeding Gregory P. Gonsalves; wife, Karen Elizabeth Barton Summerhays. Counselors — Kahele John Keawe, 45, academy coordinator, Hawaii Department of Education; wife, Karen Kahanu Kailimai Keawe. Coppin Yuji Colburn, 57, director of security, St. Regis Hotel; wife, Caridyn Kapi’olani Kaona Colburn.

KIRTLAND OHIO STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) President — Nathan Leo Johnson, 43, senior manager, Parexel; succeeding Michael B. Haymond; wife, Camille Colleen Thompson Johnson. Counselors — Rendell Whitney Ashton, 48, physician; wife, Cathleen Helen Campbell Ashton. David Scott Vineyard, 41, account manager, Philips Medical; wife, Rebecca Forstner Vineyard.

KWAJALEIN MARSHALL ISLANDS STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — James Jelke, 36, warehouseman lead, Dyncorp; succeeding Johannes J. Sermai; wife, Carcellina Langbata Jelke. Counselors — Paul Loeak, 51, self- employed; wife, Rosa Mijjena Loeak. Lanny Wimi Abija, 49, welder; wife, Wainani Nani Debrum Abija.

LAIE HAWAII NORTH STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) Preisdent — Kevin Lee Schlag, 48, chief information officer, BYU-Hawaii; succeeding Kingsley K. Ah You; wife, Nanette Lindsay Schlag. Counselors — Rodrigo Rulloda Yeras, 54, teacher, Hawaii Department of Education; wife, Maria Elena Peroy Veras. Tuihalafatai Niutupuivaha, 49, electrical contractor, self-employed; wife, Rutholelene Milovale Reid Niutupuivaha.

LARAMIE WYOMING STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Kory Ray Allen, 42, clinical supervisor of cardiopulmonary, Irinson Memorial Hospital; succeeding Kirk S. Dory; wife, Julie Neves Allen. Counselors — Ryan Kay Searle, 39, principal and administrator, Carbon County School District; wife, Alisha Southern Searle. David Paul Hokanson, 35, dentist; wife, Gina Michelle Taylor Hokanson.

LEAGUE CITY TEXAS STAKE: (Sept. 30, 2018) President — Brian Paul Anderson, 41, project manager, NASA; succeeding Weldon J. Reeves; wife, Wanonie Miller Anderson. Counselors — Trevan Drake MacArthur, 58, technology manager, Exxon Mobil Corporation; wife, Sondra Gay Driggs MacArthur. David Charles Woffinden, 41, engineer, NASA; wife, Doreen Spie B Woffinden.

LIBERTY MISSOURI STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Michael Thurston Beach, 56, chief financial officer, Kansas City Kansas Community College; succeeding Jeremiah J. Morgan; wife, Suzette Judene Gurney Beach. Counselors — Rodolfo Marvin Garcia, 47, sales director, UPS; wife, Lori Michelle Tubbs Garcia. Jeffrey Alan Barnes, 47, sales director, Cintas; wife, Jennifer Lee Fankhauser Barnes.

LONGMONT COLORADO STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Jarom LaVern John, 40, dentist; succeeding David W. Richards; wife, Jamie Joy Nielsen John. Counselors — Barton Harold Schmitz, 49, vice president of sales, Vyaire Medical; wife, Ann Christine Hepworth Schmitz. Paul Wayne Elggren, 35, senior manager, Ernst & Young; wife, Rachel Weston Elggren.

MAPLE VALLEY WASHINGTON STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Glenn Gaylin Fuller, 55, senior counsel, Boeing; succeeding Thomas R. Nead; wife, Colleen Faye Ockey Fuller. Counselors — Jeffrey Hales Cannon, 59, engineer; wife, Suzanne Follett Cannon. Derek Christman Howell, 41, legal technology manager, Elevate Services; wife, Rachael Lynn Eucker Howell.

MONTERREY MEXICO MITRAS STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2018) President — Trinidad Rodolfo Uribe, 45, self-employed; succeeding Timothy R. Cottrell; wife, Reyna Olivia Barrera Angulo. Counselors — Arias Virgilio Aguilar, 45, self-employed; wife, Norma Edith Gomez Gutierrez. Juan Casanova Loya, 49, self-employed; wife, Alicia Montoya Torres.

MONTPELIER VERMONT STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Erik Shane Worthington, 45, owner, Worthington LLC; succeeding Bret D. Weekes; wife, Bethany Atwater Worthington. Counselors — Barclay Glen Tucker, 48, professor, Northern Vermont University; wife, Julia Cluff Tucker. Gabriel Christian LaJeunesse, 46, financial advisor, Edward Jones; wife, Kristen Anne Sanchez LaJeunesse.

NAMPA IDAHO EAST STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) President — Ren L Hansen, 48, project manager, Micron; succeeding Sean C. Smith; wife, Lara Leigh Curtis Hansen. Counselors — Klint Ryan Keller, 44, dentist; wife, Elizabeth Egan Keller. Daron Dean Ashcraft, 48, owner, Out ‘N’ Bout; wife, Leticia Ann Grow Ashcraft.

OCUMARE DEL TUY VENEZUELA STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Fernando José Viloria Toro, 45, director, Multiservicios VILONGHI; succeeding Aquiles J. Gutierrez Ceballos; wife, Minerva Longhi Marquiz. Counselors — Luis Alfonso Briceño Cortes, 44, chief of operations, Ven 911; wife, Yelitza Yolimar Azuaje. Carlos Alberto Santeliz Zamora, 41, head of fabrication, National Cement Factory; wife, Ericka Maria Rojas Gonzales.

PAPANTLA MEXICO STAKE: (Aug. 26, 2018) President — Israel Cruz Vazquez, 40, medical representative, Pfizer Laboratories; succeeding Sergio Bastian Lopez; wife, Alejandrina Aneyda Lopez Gonzalez. Counselors — José Lehi Sanchez Ramírez, 50, businessman; wife, Claudia Azucena Cruz Muñoz. Antonio Cancino Pérez, 46, manager, Totonaca SPCV Distribution; wife, Rossana Hortencia Urcid Gonzalez.

PAPEARI TAHITI AUSTRAL ISLANDS STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2018) President — Emile Tetuatoa Tunutu, 46, welder; succeeding Vaianu B. Tupai; wife, Lynn Maite Tahutini Tunutu. Counselors — Jean Mariterac****ti, 48, chef; wife, Ketty Tetoe. Teave Harold Teinauri, 37, technician; wife, Pamela Tehea Tihoni.

POOLE ENGLAND STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Peter Cope, 47, lead pharmacist, Dorset Healthcare; succeeding John W. Crew; wife, Bronwen Kenninston Cope. Counselors — Joseph Edward Hull, 43, Church facilities manager; wife, Lindsey Sarah Flinn Hull. Alan Roger Burchell, 40, mortgage advisor; wife, Jens Kathleen Cooper Burchell.

PORT-BOUET COTE D’IVOIRE STAKE: (Sept. 23, 2018) President — Staneislas Doho Bi Irie, 45, accountant; succeeding Zogoury Rodoph Datche; wife, Ka Fui Koudahin. Counselors — Leon Paul De Digbeu Boga, 37, managing director electrician, Artech-Service; wife, Genevieve Boga Aya. Constant Adeu Affian, 38, prevention inspector, IPS-CNPS; wife, Rebecca Eyse Affian Kovadio Aya.

PROVO UTAH YSA 6TH STAKE: (Oct. 21, 2018) President — David Reed Adamson, 57, program manager for the Church; succeeding R. Brent Ririe; wife, Melanie Gay Glines Adamson. Counselors — Jeffrey Randall Smith, 63, orthopaedic surgeon; wife, Karen Teresa Bone Smith. Kenneth Tim Larsen, 62, shareholder, Squire & Company; wife, Elise Allred Larsen.

VALENCIA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2018) President — Bradley Gary Larkins, 43, assistant recorder, Los Angeles California Temple; succeeding C. Ray Carlson; wife, Mandy Moon Larkins. Counselors — Jon Bennion Spendlove, 51, aerospace engineer, Boeing; wife, Kimberly Blythe Hawken Spendlove. Alan Eugene Williams, 53, film composer, Silverscreen Music; wife, Julianne Tolboe Williams.

VALLE HERMOSO MEXICO STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2018) President — Alberto de la Rosa Chapa, 32, GTE administrator, EIUHSA; succeeding Alonso Ortiz Dominguez; wife, Blanca Lluvia Sacriste Nuñez. Counselors — Enrique Coronado Torres, 52, general doctor; wife, Leticia de Anda Villareal. Lara Mora Adán, 39, teacher; wife, Sheila Anabel Sacriste Nuñez.

WINDSOR COLORADO STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2018) President — Michael J Houghton, 58, physician and owner, Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies; succeeding Byron L. Packard; wife, Tamara Sue Bringhurst Houghton. Counselors — Douglas Alan Epperson, 56, health systems executive, AbbVie Inc.; wife, Laura Beth Phelps Epperson. Daniel Paul Seegmiller, 44, superintendant of schools, Weld Re-4 Schools; wife, M. Shereece Turner Seegmiller.

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