Recently called presidents of new and reorganized stakes

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Camaçari Brazil Central Stake. The Fiera de Santana Brazil North Stake, which consists of the Alagoinhas, Conceição do Coité, Feira de Santana 3rd, Nova Esperança, Serrinha and Sobradinho wards, was created by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Aroldo B. Cavalcante, an Area Seventy.

FEIRA DE SANTANA BRAZIL NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2018) President — Ivanilton Barbosa da Silva, 32, businessman, Elite Constructions; wife, Alana Reis Santos Barbosa. Counselors — Wilson Cordeiro de Jesus, 53, maintenance supervisor, Unidas College; wife, Gilmara Conceição Paim. Eudes Evangelista de Sousa, 39, owner, Etec Engineering; wife, Christiana Feitosa Silva.

A new stake has been created from the Laredo Texas District. The Laredo Texas Stake, which consists of the Laredo 6th Branch and the Laredo 1st, Laredo 2nd, Laredo 4th and Laredo 5th (Spanish) wards, was created by Elder Kyle S. McKay, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Carlos Villarreal, an Area Seventy.

LAREDO TEXAS STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2018) President — Ted Wagner Wilbur, 55, manager of Mexico operations, CRST; wife, Shauna Lee Birrell. Counselors — Luke Arrington Nigliazzo, 50, director of operations, Robertshaw; wife, Michele Kristin Vader Nigliazzo. Edson Moroni Ruiz Arango, 29, manager of operations, Codysur Trucks; wife, Leslie Treviño.

A new stake has been created from the Mexico City Ectepec and Mexico City Tecamac stakes. The Mexico City Los Heros Tecamac Stake, which consists of the Jarines de Morelos Branch and the Bosques 1st, Bosques 2nd, Los Heroes 1st, Los Heroes 2nd, Montes and Venta de Carpio wards, was created by Elder John C. Pingree, General Authority Seventy and Elder Felix A. Martinez, an Area Seventy.

MEXICO CITY LOS HEROES TECAMAC STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2018) President — Edgar Eduardo Ramos Pacheco, 47, activities and purchasing director; wife, Sandra Claudia Yañez Ortega. Counselors — Alejandro Sánchez Gómez, 44, administrative assistant for the Church; wife, Xochitl Karina Salazar Hernández de Sánchez. Isuaro Brazil Manzanilla Ortiz, 36, unit director, Secretary of Finances; wife, Cynthia Paola Vázquez Chagaya.

A new stake has been created from the Morong Rizal Philippines District. The Morong Rizal Philippines Stake, which consists of the Sampaloc Branch and the Binangonan, Malaya, Morong, Tanay and Teresa wards, was created by Elder Evan A. Schmutz, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jairus C. Perez, an Area Seventy.

MORONG RIZAL PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Nov. 4, 2018) President — Craig Alameda Barredo, 46, principal architect; wife, Antonette Teoxon Barredo. Counselors — Ruderic Castillon Ugay, 37, technology consultant, DXC Technology; wife, Jennifer Reyes Peña Ugay. Richard Cuidad Dollete, 54, project supervisor for the Church; wife, Antonette Hernandez Angeles Dollete.

A new stake has been created from the São José dos Campos Brazil Stake. The Sao Jose Dos Campos South Stake, which consists of the Cidade Jardim, Jacareí, Jardim Satélite, Morumbi and Parque Industrial wards, was created by Elder W. Mark Bassett, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Sergio L. Carboni, an Area Seventy.

SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS BRAZIL SOUTH STAKE: (Nov. 25, 2018) President — Diogo Traversin Fagundes, 36, businessman; wife, Brenda Medeiros de Carvalho Bruno Traversin. Counselors — Erick Alencar Braga, 37, partner, Braga Accounting; wife, Camila Erisa Vasser. Alan Marcos Cardoso, 36, businessman; wife, Adriana Sayuri Itoi.

A new stake has been created from the Mexico City Tecamac and Pachuca Mexico stakes. The Tizayuca Mexico Stake, which consists of the Plazas Tizayuca, Tizayuca 1st, Tizayuca 2nd, Zumbango 1st and Zumpango 2nd wards, was created by Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Joel Martinez, an Area Seventy.

TIZAYUCA MEXICO STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2018) President — Daniel Moya Oliva, 35, postal employee; wife, Sigrid Osorno Hernández. Counselors — Enríquez Vázquez Ildefonso, 40, government employee; wife, Perla Isabel Ruiz Alcántara. Marco Antonio Velázquez Benitez, 43, transportation manager; wife, Reyna Ruth Guerrero Barajas.

Reorganized stakes

ASHTON ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 4, 2018) President — Lee John Harrott, 50, self-employed painter and decorator; succeeding Kevin G. Fletcher; wife, Aimee Bridgstock Harrott. Counselors — Peter Adam Hughes, 43, owner, CL Trading Ltd.; wife, Claire Eva Peace Hughes. John Teal, 50, self-employed; wife, Joanne Louise Platt Teal.

BUCKEYE ARIZONA STAKE: (Nov. 11, 2018) President — Roger Blake Maxwell, 54, director of information systems, Apogee Physicians; succeeding David B. Bourgeous; wife, Melisa Albretsen Maxwell. Counselors — Christopher Bud Hart, 44, division manager, Desert Services International Inc.; wife, Tiffany John Hart. Michael Louis Bencomo, 42, head of technology solutions, Mail Innovations UPS; wife, Kristi Marie Fechter Bencomo.

BURLEY IDAHO WEST STAKE: (Nov. 11, 2018) President — Steven Matthew Cook, 47, CEO and owner, Goode Auto Group; succeeding G. Chad Jones; wife, Trista Lovell Williams Cook. Counselors — Mark Wayne Fillmore, 61, dental technician; wife, Leann Broadhead Fillmore. John Fred Kloepfer, 53, self-employed; wife, Suzanne Lambert Kloepfer.

FARR WEST UTAH STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2018) President — Bryan Scott Arrington, 47, construction manager, Nilson Homes; succeeding Dee L. Schumers; wife, Becky Ann Williams Arrington. Counselors — Kelly Dean Allen, 63, software developer; wife, Linda Ann Searle Allen. Burke Leon Williams, 44, process engineer and program manager, Northrup Grumman; wife, Johanna Terry Williams.

HEBER CITY UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2018) President — Bart Allen Wilde, 59, owner, Bart Wilde & Associates, Inc.; succeeding Byron H. Horner; wife, Cynthia Kay Ashby Wilde. Counselors — James Russell Witt, 50, owner and operator, Witt Excavating Inc.; wife, Catherine Evelyn Drake Witt. Spencer Morton Thunell, 41, chief financial officer and partner, Decathlon Capital Partners; wife, Kira Anne Lippy Thunell.

PLYMOUTH ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2018) President — Simon Paul Curran, 36, solicitor, Ashfords LLP; succeeding Paul D. Martin; wife, Leah Crockett Curran. Counselors — Andrew Smith, 56, managing director, Dragon Archery Centre Ltd.; wife, Joy Belinda Brandon Smith. Pani Jack Bundy, 40, company director, Ace Roofing; wife, Abigail Novello Newman Bundy.

RICHMOND VIRGINIA CHESTERFIELD STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2018) President — Michael Ray Mabe, 52, executive director, Chesterfield County Public Library System; succeeding J. Matthew Scott; wife, Joan Beckstead Mabe. Counselors — Jamil Khalid Corbitt, 47, operations manager, Brenco Solutions; wife, Lauren Seaton Kneebone Corbitt. Walter Duane Stafford, 42, chief information officer, Barefoot Spas; wife, Dawn Marie Marks Stafford.

ROSWELL GEORGIA STAKE: (Dec. 2, 2018) President — Reed Aaron Macdonald, 45, CEO, FDS Avionics; succeeding Verne M. Ernst; wife, Andrea Tanner Macdonald. Counselors — Nelson Daniel Zivic, 41, head of human resources, Newell Rubbermaid; wife, Lorena Renée Calabria Zivic. Daniel Ray Lister Jr., 45, executive vice president, SWM Inc.; wife, Melissa Lin Wagner Lister.

SALT LAKE OLYMPUS STAKE: (Nov. 4, 2018) President — Keith Stevenson White, 61, medical director of imaging services, Intermountain Healthcare; succeeding Scott T. Buie; wife, Cherilyn Tobler White. Counselors — Kendall Clark Farr, 58, attorney; wife, Cheryl Tingey Farr. Richard Lee Wagner, 51, owner, Valued Wealth Advisors, LLC, Vonderharr Wagner Associates, LLC; wife, Meagan Elizabeth Jenkins Wagner.

SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Nov. 25, 2018) President — Gabriel Grainger Miller, 40, managing director, Inscape Design; succeeding Paul J. Thomas; wife, Chelsea Cecilia DeGaris Miller. Counselors — Gordon Westergaard Danielsen-Jensen, 51, manager, Stone Effects Qld.; wife, Kathryn Jane Southerton Danielsen-Jensen. Ashwood Te Whenuanui Caesar, 48, senior business analyst, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries; wife, Rebecca Anne Puckridge Caesar.