Here are some new stake presidents who were recently called to serve in North America

CALGARY ALBERTA FISH CREEK STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Lawrence Bradley Stevens, 53, deputy city manager, City of Calgary; succeeding R. Kipp Craig; wife, Constance Donna Cooper Stevens. Counselors — David Donald Hansen, 51, professor, University of Calgary; wife, Lanna Lee Olsen Hansen. Leon Tage Davidsen, 56, U.S. vehicle export manager, Kaizen Automotive; wife, Louise Ann Greep Davidsen.

NEWBURGH NEW YORK STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Scott Cameron Woodbrey, 43, Air Force liason officer; succeeding Scott L. Ey; wife, Marianne Mays Woodbrey. Counselors — Alec Paul Galo, 42, client service coordinator, Cox Automotive; wife, Norma Garound Solis Galo. John Douglas Fuller, 48, professional engineer; wife, Holly Shannon Stephenson Fuller.

PROVO UTA YSA 14TH STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Bill Orr Heder, 54, managing partner, MacArthur, Heder & Metler; succeeding Jay D. Clark; wife, Lee Ann Muir Heder. Counselors — Paul Raymond Ressler, 52, director of sales, csimsoft; wife, Joelle Jacob Ressler. Eldon Richard Stonehocker, 60, pharmaceutical sales, Boehringer-Ingelheim; wife, Cynthia Lynn Marriott Stonehocker.

PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — James G Weller, 48, teacher, Quilcene School District; succeeding W. Brent Basden; wife, Erika Liane Larson Weller. Counselors — Mark De Wayne Eveland, 55, sales manager, Air Flo Heating; wife, Lisa Gail Rasmussen Eveland. Leslie John Scott, 56, instructor, Peninsula College; wife, Julie Kristin Parker Scott.

ROCKFORD ILLINOIS STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Daniel Stoddard McConkie Jr., 40, professor, Northern Illinois University; succeeding Marc A. Stewart; wife, Adrienne Criddle McConkie. Counselors — Brian Lynn Webb, 51, research manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific; wife, Julia Mac Hamilton Webb. Leland Robert Howlett, 53, engineer, Department of Defense; wife, Tanya Kaye Winward Howlett.

ROCKLIN CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Alan Freeman Smith, 53, chief operating officer, delaware North America; succeeding Sean B. Murphy; wife, Lisa Suzanne Throckmonton Smith. Counselors — Justin James Wright, 42, business strategy and finance manager, Kaiser Permanente; wife, Rebecca Lynne Redford Wright. Benjamin Andrew Brasher, 39, software and real estate investor; wife, Emy Cannon Brasher.

SALT LAKE STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Douglas Harding Wilks, 60, editor, Deseret News; succeeding Stanford P. Fitts; wife, Christiana Taggart Wilks. Counselors — Henry Manning White, 60, physical therapy clinic owner; wife, Lisa Thorpe White. Owen Jall Richardson Jr., 52, artist; wife, Amy Parker Richardson.

SALT LAKE WINDER WEST STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Paul Donald Johnston, 54, owner, Certified Chem-Dry; succeeding M. Larry Anderson; wife, Kathryn Lee Johnston. Counselors — Kevin Eugene Washington, 64, classroom teacher, Granite School District; wife, Clara Marie Wilson Washington. Brian Robert Mitchell, 35, group leader, Westech Engineering; wife, Katie Diane Thornock Mitchell.

SPANISH FORK UTAH YSA STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Allen David Merrill Jr., 54, leadership coach, Alletrust; succeeding James R. Stewart; wife, Caroline Anne Brown Merrill. Counselors — David Kent Nance, 60, dentist; wife, Stacy Felix Nance. Jeffrey Kim Pierce, 63, owner, Kim Pierce Masonry; wife, Janet Louise Peterson Pierce.