Here are the new stake presidents who have been called to serve worldwide

AGUASCALIENTES MEXICO STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Joshua Emmanuel Salcido Marquez, 34, self-employed; succeeding Timoteo Cruz; wife, Claudia Leticia Payan Zunigo. Counselors — Roy Jasso Leon, 43, department chief, Maind Steel; wife, Diana Marte Pacheco Estrada. Hector Armando Gedano Gonzalez, 47, liason, Inegi; wife, Alma Cecilia de De Sedano Delinda Perez.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MERLO STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Javier Lo Giudice Amilcar, 41, quality sector manager; succeeding Ricardo H. Martinez; wife, Marina Veronica Dasilva. Counselors — Miguel Angel Vargas, 59, seminaries and institutes coordinator; wife, Silvia Nancy Maluar Vargas. Gabriel Ruben Antonietti, 28, bank employee, Bank Patagonia; wife, Flavia Aimara Martinez Antonini.

DES MOINES IOWA MT. PISGAH STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Brian Grant Parks, 47, risk manager, Wells Fargo; succeeding Gary L. Pence; wife, Cindi Ann Schofield Parks. Counselors — Benjamin Louis Stradling, 45, interventional radiology, Iowa Radiology; wife, Shani Griffin Stradling. John Robert Russell, 46, head of homelending production, Wells Fargo; wife, Michelle Huffaker Russell.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL CASTELAO STAKE: (May 26, 2019) President — Renato de Brito Damasceno, 35, specialized reviewer, Micro Empresario; succeeding Frencisco de Assis Souza des Reis; wife, Elaine de Sousa Gomes. Counselors — Marcel Elias Craveiro Miranda, 29, sports coordinator, Advance Kindergarten; wife, Eriagna de Melo Sobreira. Lauro Pereira dos Santos Jr., 36, migration analyst, Casa Magalhães; wife, Leila Maria da Silva.

FRANKLIN IDAHO STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Darin S Dransfield, 51, CEO, FCMC Hospital; succeeding Layne C. Peterson; wife, Audrie Mae Eversole Dransfield. Counselors — Lonnie Dean Luchenni, 62, regional manager, Pfizer; wife, Mary Knapp Luchenni. Trent Beutler Alder, 51, director of social work, Franklin County Medical Center; wife, Stacey Harris Alder.

HULL ENGLAND STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — John Paul Spencer, 36, instrument maintenance, Phillips 66; succeeding Ashley D. Poulton; wife, Clare Wilcock Spencer. Counselors — Grant Gerald Taylor, 54, detective inspector, Humberside Police; wife, Charlotte Alice Wileman. Andrew Richard Pearson, 41, general manager, Keiger Properties; wife, Abigail Lisa Whall Pearson.

JUCHITAN MEXICO STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Emilio Aquino Vicente, 45, construction materials store owner; succeeding Gonzalo Vicente Landeta; wife, Dolce Karina Hernández Orozco. Counselors — Benjamin Luna López, 35, administrative assistant for the Church; wife, Angélica López López. Elmer Luna López, 37, business owner; wife, Maritza León Jiménez.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA CENTRAL STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — William Harold Wells, 45, manager, Henderson Chevrolet; succeeding Keith F. Jarvis; wife, Rebecca Sue Hanson Wells. Counselors — Moises Denis, 57, realtor; wife, Susan Rene Cook. Roger Roy Faught, 42, business owner; wife Amity Mae Adams Faught.

MAIPU DE CUYO ARGENTINA STAKE: (May 12, 2019) President — Dante Raúl Mendez, 41, boss, Cencosud; succeeding Ruben S. Tidei; wife, Mariana Rebeca Dominguez. Counselors — Claudio Fabian Ase, 36, manager, Fundación COIR; wife, Carla Haydee Mayano. Victor Adrian Cruz, 33, manager, Triunfo Seguros; wife, Daiana Denisse Scalise.

MANAUS BRAZIL RIO AMAZONAS STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Carlos Alberto Valente Peres, 48, welfare and self-reliance director for the Church; succeeding Alcides Pereira Martins; wife, Andreia de Araújo Peres. Counselors — Newton de Leiros Garcia Júnior, 39, chemical technician; wife, Kelyanne Isper Guedes Garcia. Ademir Mendonça de Souza, 66, sales manager, Silva & Souza; wife, Maria Luiza de Souza.

MCMINNVILLE TENNESSEE STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Sean William Thompson, 49, gateway research systems manager, NASA; succeeding Cordell H. Crawford; wife, Carla Ann Kelsey Thompson. Counselors — David Nicholas Mead, 63, regional sales manager, M+A Matting; wife, Terilyn Bridges Mead. Michael Aaron Weeter, 44, executive vice president, chief operating officer, First National Bank of Middle Tennessee; wife, Kristy Lynn Weeter.

MEXICO CITY CHAPULTEPEC STAKE: (May 26, 2019) President — Rafael Alcantara Ruiz, 51, federal employee, National College of Professional Technical Education; succeeding David Falabella Sanchez; wife, Cristina Hernandez de la Cruz. Counselors — Adolfo Isaac Camacho Contreras, 45, entrepreneur, training manager for the Church; wife, Claudia Vanesa Frol Matteazzi. Mario de Jesus Morales Quezada, 40, senior manager of financial services, EY; wife, Alejandra Rodriguez Chee.

MONCLOVA MEXICO EAST STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Francisco Correa Durón, 50, landlord; succeeding Javieer Ivan Garcia Hernandez; wife, Elizabeth Rodriguez Espinosa. Counselors — Isabel Garcia Navarro, 50, quality inspector, Steel Fab; wife, Elda Carmen Ramos Garzia. Pedro Ramos García, 49, electrical contractor; wife, Alondra Samantha Cervin Lopez.

NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Evan Thomas Haglund, 42, assistant professor, US Coast Guard Academy; succeeding Richard S. Hutchins; wife, Tara Nicole Babbel Haglund. Counselors — Stuart Gaylon Campbell, 39, associate professor, Yale University; wife, Adrianne Rich Campbell. Aaron McBride Parson, 38, landscape architect; wife Camile Johnson Parson.

NOVALICHES PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 12, 2019) President — Marcos Balsa Liad, 52, creditor collections, Remington Independent Sales Corporation; succeeding Dick J. De Guzman; wife, Elguerra Charilou Aquino Liad. Counselors — Vicente Tayab Pati-on, 59, general manager, McBride Corporation; wife, Flora Melencion Pati-on. Baldwin R. Felipe, 41, advertising solutions head, Phillipine Manila Standard Publishing; wife, Josephine Peñafiel Muncal Felipe.

PAROWAN UTAH STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Wade Gale, 46, production manager, Metalcraft Technologies; succeeding David P. Hamilton; wife, Melanie Dawn Davenport Gale. Counselors — Trevor Cy Andersen, 47, executive vice president, area manager, commercial lender, State Bank of Southern Utah; wife, Jenny Lee Labrum Andersen. Michael Roy Adams, 40, farmer, rancher, Roy Adams Farms; wife, LeeAnn Slack Adams.

PORTO ALEGRE BRAZIL MOINHOS DE VENTO STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Isaias Bonet Leites, 40, factory analyst, AMBEV S/A; succeeding Paulo de Freitas Soller; wife, Roberta da Silva Rodrigues. Counselors — Ragner dos Santos, 35, accounting manager, Tecnoplanta Florestal; wife, Monica Rodrigues Donin. Rafael Dornelles Carrasco, 33, clinical pharmacist, Porto Alegre Hospitals Clinics; wife, Ana Carolina Rech da Rosa Carrasco.

SOLDOTNA ALASKA STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Aaron Kenneth Swanson, 44, mortgage loan originator, Residential Mortgage; succeeding Oluf W. Hartvigson; wife, Darcy Del Souter Swanson. Counselors — Clifton Roy Peterson, 60, facility specialist, Kenai National Refuge; wife, Darla Marie Pease Peterson. Robert Norman Lewis Jr., 48, senior accountant, Kenai Peninsula College; wife, Marlene Kay Walther Lewis.

TEZIUTLÁN MEXICO STAKE: (May 12, 2019) President — David Carrasco Diaz, 50, businessman; succeeding Edgar A. Perez; wife, Lilia Castañeda Vazquez. Counselors — Jose Fabian Rojas Fermin, 40, micro businessman; wife, Alexis Romero Marquez. Nestor Sanchez Guzman, 43, teacher, SEP; wife, Ma Leodegaria Toral Martinez.

TOLEDO OHIO STAKE: (May 19, 2019) President — Fritz William Griffiden, 43, vice president, Firefly Insurance Agency; succeeding Kenneth V. Eddington; wife, Rebecca Kristina Bonton Griffiden. Counselors — Jeffrey Allen Lake, 45, French teacher, Lake Local Schools; wife, Denise Jenelle Browne Lake. David Ray Luce, 45, applications engineer, Dana Inc.; wife, Susan Waldron Luce.

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