New stake presidents recently called to serve around the world

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Lima Philippines Stake. The Batangas Philppines Stake, which consists of the Iban Branch and the Batangas 1st, Batangas 2nd, Bauan, Rosario and San Jose Batangas wards, was created by Elder Evan A. Schmutz, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jairus C. Perez, an Area Seventy.

BATANGAS PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 9, 2019) President — Jon Patrick Reyes, 35, creative director, Pixel 8; wife, Calixta Clarice Atienza Reyes. Counselors — Joselito Albay Dolot, 39, professor, LPU-Batangas; wife, Elvira Acaylar Sagapsapan. Roy V. Joves, 50, self-employed; wife, Edna Litan Ilagan.

A new stake has been created from the Lima Peru El Olivar and Lima Peru Los Olivos Stakes. The Lima Peru Naranjal Stake, which consists of the Canta Callao, Huandoy, Los Próceres, Márquez, Naranjal and Oquendo wards, was created by Elder Matthias Held, General Authority Seventy, and Elder David A. Benalcázer, an Area Seventy.

LIMA PERU NARANJAL STAKE: (June 30, 2019) President — Elvis Omar Vilchez Silva, 39, business inspector, Eulen Accionda; wife, Claudia Esther Huamani Flores. Counselors — Anthony Henry Ponte Riveros, 28, financial planner, Banco de Crédito del Perú; wife, Milagros Antaurco Altamirano. Ivan Luis Garcia Chavez, 55, administrator, Servihogar; wife, Rossana del Pilar Arana Pinedo.

Reorganized stakes

CHOLUTECA HONDURAS PORVENIR STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Javier Antonio Romero Escalante, 53, owner, Aguasistemas Inv.; succeeding Levi B. Rivera Espinal; wife, Rosa Iris Huete Romero. Counselors — Edwin Raúl Ferman Zelaya, 59, small business owner; wife, Digna Suyapa Romero Ferman. Edwin Omar Alvarado Zelaya, 52, owner, Bodeguita Zelaya; wife, Socorro Amparo López Alvarado.

DALOA IVORY COAST STAKE: (July 7, 2019) President — Cyr Magloire Diaye, 55, human resources manager, Ivorian Group of Tropical Forests; succeeding Georges Grah; wife, Pieyri Carine Marinette Kei. Counselors — Dagnide Didier Bokossa, 40, self-employed, building construction; wife, Bohi Lou Goure Therese Gohi. Yao Anatole Konan, 46, electric technician, SODECI; wife, Aya Leocadie Kouadio.

GAINSVILLE FLORIDA STAKE: (June 30, 2019) President — Jason Paul Nance, 47, associate dean for academic affairs, professor, University of Florida Levin College of Law; succeeding R. Randal Graham; wife, Julie Ann Laudie Nance. Counselors — Jonathan Robert Pritt, 42, orthopedic surgeon, The Orthopedic Institute; wife, Lindsay Heidi Schepman Pritt. Jared John Tanner, 39, assistant professor, University of Florida; wife, Kristi Leigh Grant Tanner.

HELENA MONTANA STAKE: (Aug. 11, 2019) President — Bret Randle Romney, 54, president, Ascend Strategies, Inc.; succeeding Brandon M. Steinagel; wife, Donna Bingham Romney. Counselors — James Blake Stanger, 58, owner and president, Helena Motors; wife, Sue Ann Shelby Stanger. Cory Lee Davis, 49, business owner; wife, Nancy Ellen Hensley Davis.

KIMBERLEY IDAHO STAKE: (Aug. 11, 2019) President — James Morgan Coombs, 45, ophthalmologist; succeeding Keith R. Hardy; wife, Lori Lungskog Coombs. Counselors — Trevor Y Satterfield, 41, owner, Physician Center, PLLC; wife, Carolyn Mead Satterfield. Brent Alan Funk, 57, farmer; wife, Chalet Robins Funk.

LOGAN UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Aug. 11, 2019) President — Max Allan Cooley, 54, director of engineering, United States Air Force; succeeding V. Lynn Hobbs; wife, Kristie Dawn Christensen Cooley. Counselors — Randall Allen Craner, 48, paramedic captain, City of Logan; wife, Mary Ann Pearson Craner. Douglas Scott Hart, 38, teacher and coach, Cache School District; wife, Stephanie Lynn Hurst Hart.

MEXICO CITY CUAUTITLAN STAKE: (June 30, 2019) President — Luis Fernando Torres Ledesma, 45, property manager, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; succeeding Samuel Franco; wife, Leticia Quintero Torres. Counselors — Roberto Alejandro Rivera Bermeo, 57, attorney, Attorney General’s Office; wife, Avila Ramirez Guadalupe. Mario Elias Moreno Gomez, 36, legal coordinator, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Astrid Kanter Aguilar.

SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Aug. 11, 2019) President — Robert Staffan Turley, 40, asset allocation and portfolio strategy manager, Dodge & Cox; succeeding David R. Garfield; wife, Brittany Lott Turley. Counselors — Jeremy Joseph Hunt, 42, Institute director at UC Berkeley and coordinator, Seminaries and Institutes; wife, Nancy Margaret Dillender Hunt. Ajay Clark Whittemore, 40, partner, Rimon PC; wife, Angela Ora Atkinson Whittemore.