Read about these 6 stake presidencies who were recently called

LIMA PERÚ RÍMAC STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2020) President — Cayo Darwin Bejarano Aguado, 38, Impala supervising engineer; succeeding Ronald Abel Diaz Vargas; wife, Gayleen Lizama Zevallos. Counselors — Luis Enrique Garacia Agama, 51, Preventions certificaciones Sac operations and training manager; wife, Leticia del Pilar de Garcia Celis Arellano. Alexander Antonio Morales Caceres, 43, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative assistant; wife, Jaqueline Guadalupe de Morales Monteza Lazo.

SPARKS NEVADA EAST STAKE: (Sept. 13, 2020) President — Brent James Roelofs, 47, Apex Chiropractic Center chiropractic physician and president; succeeding Danny V. Sommers; wife, Rebecca Lynn Heilmann Roelofs. Counselors — Don Leslie Ross, 59, Woodburn & Wedge partner; wife, Corinne Louise Watts Ross. Willie Dutch Aliilaniloa Kahumoku, 43, Alliance Trust Company senior trust officer; wife, Natalie Nelson Kahumoku.

SPRINGVILLE UTAH HOBBLE CREEK STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2020) President — Blaine Freeman Bird, 57, Utah Valley Eye Center optometrist, partner in group; succeeding W. Vincent Wilding; wife, Marla Egbert Bird. Counselors — Bill Rigby Holman, 50, Clyde Companies chief information officer, vice president of administration; wife, Susan Ella Raventos Holman. Kyle Bliss Crandall, 54, DHI Computing Service vice president of software development; wife, Kristie Lee Pratt Crandall.

TUXPAN MÉXICO STAKE: (Aug. 23, 2020) President — Clemente Vazquez Bringas, 42, dental office owner; succeeding Carlos G. Prieto Bock; wife, Lindsay Citlatti de Vazquez Prior Fernández. Counselors — Raul Cruz Cortes, 42, Comercializadora del Hogar general manager; wife, Sonia de Cruz Mejia Martinez. Eliceo Ramos Godinez, 65, retired; wife, Beatriz de Ramos Basurto Gascon.

UTICA NEW YORK STAKE: (Sept. 13, 2020) President — Daniel Jared Rains, 38, Beaver River Central School District high school principal; succeeding Scott W. Larchar; wife, Karen Michelle McMullin Rains. Counselors — John Spencer Bunker, 36, Remsen Schools teacher; wife, Rachel Irene Poland Bunker. Logan Rand Curtis, 39, Upstate Oral Surgery and Dental Implants owner and operator; wife, Ann Marie Wells Curtis.

VALLE DEL MEZQUITAL MÉXICO STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2020) President — Yufen Garcia Garcia, 42, Secretary of the Government of the State of Hidalgo legal adviser of the Hidalgo Institute of Women; succeeding Oscar Garcia Rueda; wife, Sonia de Garcia Salcido Hernandez. Counselors — Alejandro Olvera Perez, 41, self-employed; wife, Anel de Olvera Mejia Torres. Gueovani Mejia Torres, 38, Inverch employee; wife, Adriana de Mejia Gonzalez Lopez.