Read about the new presidencies of these 7 stakes

BOUNTIFUL UTAH YSA STAKE: (April 11, 2021) President — Todd Bartley Smith, 57, Moreton & Company president; succeeding Mark H. Bouchard; wife, Julie Dunn Smith. Counselors — Richard Dennis Lifferth, 49, Millburn & Company chief financial officer; wife, Melyn Wintle Lifferth. Darrel Grat Welling, 57, ProPay/Global Payments EVP sales; wife, Kimberly Brown Welling.

CÁDIZ SPAIN STAKE: (March 14, 2021) President — Sergio García Gómez, 32, Universidad de Cádiz professor; succeeding José M. Morales; wife, Laura García Torrejón. Counselors — Cristian Llaguno Iglesias, 31, Appian consultant; wife, Alma María Sánchez Albendea. José Miguel Morales de Pando, 31, Servidio Andaluz de Salud doctor; wife, Elena Calderón Morales. 

CONCEPCIÓN CHILE STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2021) President — Alfredo Abelardo Rivas Riquelme, 41, Corporación Educacional Quidico director; succeeding Frank Sanhueza Espinoza; wife, Monica Andrea Oliva Quiroga. Counselors — Franklin Patricio Godoy Peña, 42, Centro de Salud Familiar O’Higgins health promotion and environment manager; wife, Alice Yanette Enciso Formigli. Carlos Alfonso Uruza Carrillo, 38, Codelco senior engineer; wife, Pamela Alejandra De Urzúa Garrido.

EPHRAIM UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE: (April 11, 2021) President — Craig Daniel Clark, 55, North Sanpete School District music educator; succeeding Jason G. Maylett; wife, Lorene Lutz Clark. Counselors — Brian Jason Clawson, 50, P.C. Development Inc. owner and president; wife, Tonya Olsen Clawson. Paul Kelby Madsen, 46, AW Carter sales and design manager; wife, Tracy Kynaston Madsen.

GOSHEN UTAH STAKE: (April 11, 2021) President — Charles Anthony Pieper, 58, AgReserves dairy manager; succeeding Brad K. Bylund; wife, Wendy Lee Searle Pieper. Counselors — Jared John Cowan, 47, Brigham Young University department manager; wife, Mechelle Mecham Cowan. Travis Cory Pyne, 45, Rally Factory Rep Services president and owner; wife, Mandy Carter Pyne.

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN SOUTH STAKE: (March 14, 2021) President — Jeffery Alan Olsen, 47, S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. supply chain strategy; succeeding Brian J. Bruner; wife, Rebecca Larsen Olsen. Counselors — Nathan Richard Thiel, 40, Village of Pleasant Prairie, WI, village administrator; wife, Krystle Lyn Price Thiel. Michael James Montie, 38, Medical College of Wisconsin assistant professor of psychiatry, and Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division staff psychiatrist; wife, Cherine Raquel Santiago Montie.

WASILLA ALASKA STAKE: (March 21, 2021) President — Vearl Jeff Taylor, 55, Matsu School District board member and Taylor Fire business manager; succeeding Rodney D. Metcalf; wife, Leslie Barnhurst Taylor. Counselors — Terry Lawrence White, 53, Terry White PLLC tile and stone installer; wife, Heidi Marie Wilhelm White. Merle Jay Uscola, 63, Uscola Aviation Maintenance owner; wife, Taffy Ellen Pettijohn Uscola.