Read about these new stake presidencies called to serve around the world

ARAÇATUBA BRAZIL STAKE: (April 18, 2021) President — Bruno Henrique de Assis Mariano, 38, Aché pharmaceutical laboratory marketer; succeeding Fábio Antonio Giacomelli; wife, Juliana Andrade Mariano. Counselors — Luis Antonio Medeiros, 54, Bureau Veritas of Brazil MEI; wife, Francine Pimenta Pastor Medeiros. Dorival Rodrigues, 54, self-employed; wife, Maria José de Assis Rodrigues.

AUBURN CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Richard Eldon Juarez, 44, physician anesthesiologist; succeeding Christian T. Merrill; wife, Kristen Washburn Juarez. Counselors — Leslie Dean Forman, 61, Prospero Benefits partner; wife, Linda Marie Cox Forman. Michael Lawrence Jensen, 57, physician; wife, Becky Gibb Jensen.

CEDAR CITY UTAH CROSS HOLLOW STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Mark Willis Corry, 40, family physician; succeeding Vance K. Smith; wife, Krista Keate Corry. Counselors — Tyler Robert Albrecht, 44, Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry owner; wife, Laura Ellen Bonner Albrecht. Michael Shawn Barrick, 50, general dentist; wife, Amy Rebecca Adams Barrick.

CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Jason Jeffery Isaacson, 42, Spears, Moore, Rebman & Williams PC attorney and shareholder; succeeding John E. Griffey; wife, Jennifer Leigh Jones Isaacson. Counselors — Bruce Paul Tidwell, 56, Truist Bank senior credit officer; wife, Dana Genelle Wimpee Tidwell. Kurt Russell Johnson, 57, National Boiler Service Inc. owner and chief financial officer; wife, Shelley Leigh Jones Johnson.

CHILPANCINGO MEXICO STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — Apolonio Laredo Castro, 59, state government department head; succeeding Fernando Calixto Cuevas; wife, Patricia de Laredo Sanchez. Counselors — Severiano Balbuena Soriano, 61, Secretary of Health of the State of Guerrero supervisor of works; wife, Judith de Balbuena Bernal. Florencio Calixto Galeana, 50, H. Municiap Council administrative director; wife, Maria Yenny de Calixto Castro.

FRESNO CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Dylan Pingree Tanner, 47, Simple IVF Centers consultant and Verity Pharmaceuticals Inc. regional account manager; succeeding Dennis L. Nef; wife, Lori Ann Chandler Tanner. Counselors — Jared Coe Sannar, 44, Redox manager; wife, Bethany Anne Holmes Sannar. Todd Michael Dunning, 49, Motorola Solutions – Pelco director of product management; wife, Tracey Irene Merrill Dunning.

HOBART AUSTRALIA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Timothy Robert Jack, 44, MyState Bank Limited treasury manager; succeeding Philip R. Smith; wife, Rebecca-Joy Anne Pawson Jack. Counselors — Matthew Ernest Jury, 43, Australian Taxation Office measurement and evaluation manager; wife, Kate Maree Docking Jury. Benjamin Heath Mitchell, 50, Mitchell Capital principal; wife, Rachel Emma Scott Mitchell.

HONG KONG CHINA NEW TERRITORIES STAKE: (March 14, 2021) President — Ping Tung Yu, 40, Network Guard Limited accountant; succeeding Hok On Chan; wife, Luo Qian Yong. Counselors — Pak Wai Fu, 44, former One Space 3D animator; wife, Lu Yayi. Sai Nign Shum, 53, Dah Chong Hong human resources employee; wife, Chen Fengli.

KEARNEY NEBRASKA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Jared Michael Noorlander, 45, certified registered nurse anesthetist; succeeding Gene E. Carter; wife, Ralae Rampton Noorlander. Counselors — Benjamin Lawrence Dutton, 46, University of Nebraska-Lincoln engagement zone coordinator; wife, Janet LeeAnn Blomstedt Dutton. Hector Mario Rubio, 51, Rubio Read Estate and Property Management LLC broker and owner; wife, Maria Lourdes Arellano Rubio.

LAFAIETE BRAZIL STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — Julio Cesar Sant’Ana Prado, 39, director; succeeding Erlenilde Sousa dos Santos; wife, Amanda do Prado Morais Pires. Counselors — Flavio Antonio Rocha, 35, Gerdau Açominas electrical technician; wife, Carolina Rodrigues de Andrade Rocha. Luiz Claudio Batista, 50, PMMG civil servant; wife, Maciene Aparecida Batista.

LAFAYETTE INDIANA STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Benjamin Bradley Dunford Sr., 50, Purdue University professor of management; succeeding Matthew A. Call; wife, Tamara Ballard Dunford. Counselors — William Travis Horton, 51, Purdue University professor; wife, Kareena Jensen Horton. Ronald William Ritchey, 59, National Fire Sprinkler Association Great Lakes field service coordinator; wife, Cherisse Diane Moore Ritchey.

LEWISVILLE TEXAS STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Lewis Leo Bird III, 57, At Home Group Inc. chairman and CEO; succeeding Jonathan G. Cannon; wife, Linda Coston Partridge Bird. Counselors — Steven Russell Woodland, 56, Ekahau vice president of sales; wife, Debbie Adams Woodland. Ryan Derrick Elmer, 40, Parkway Construction & Associates vice president of strategy and business development; wife, Brittany Lynn Terry Elmer.

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA SANTA MONICA STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Brian Craig Ames, 39, Goldman Sachs investment adviser; succeeding Levi W. Heath; wife, Emily May Hill Ames. Counselors — William Bruce Bolander Jr., 57, architect; wife, Bonny Brae Terrill Bolander. Trevor Kingsley Brazier, 49, LoCo chief operating officer and Jolt Delivery CEO; wife, Kristen Bird. 

PROVO UTAH GRANDVIEW STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Travis R Blackwelder, 48, BYU director of assessment and planning; succeeding Daniel D. Gagon, wife, Collette Bevan Blackwelder. Counselors — Brian Anderson Miles, 46, facilities manager; wife, Dezaree Burningham Miles. Robert Teiano Lesa, 52, physician assistant; wife, Kristen Shirley Lesa.

QUITO ECUADOR TURUBAMBA STAKE: (April 11, 2021) President — Diego Armando Guañuna Guamanarca, 36, Servicold owner; succeeding Ricardo J. Nieves; wife, Ana Gabriela Zambrano de Guañuna. Counselors — Julio Edison Vela Pazmiño, 60, SERVI.TE.R technologist; wife, Carmen Elena Vela Guamanzara. Wilson Gerardo Rivera Sanchez, 47, Edinun distributor; wife, Jenny Maria Peláez Estupiñan.

SANTAQUIN UTAH NORTH STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — William Wright Morgan, 59, self-employed attorney and licensed clinical social worker; succeeding Kurt B. Stringham; wife, Beverly Spencer Morgan. Counselors — Daniel Allen Olson, 43, GlobalSim director of operations; wife, Sara Jane Strong Olson. Kelly Ervin Sonderegger, 63, Global Payments Integrated DevOps engineer; wife, Loralea Lebaron Sonderegger.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Emerson Rocha de Andrade, 49, DXC Technology delivery leader; succeeding Alexandre Ret; wife, Raquel Machado Gomes de Andrade. Counselors — Ultimo de Valois, 50, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints property manager; wife, Nayara Amaral Lima de Valois. Benjamin Rodrigues Braga Jr., 57, Brazil MTC supervisor O&M; wife, Christiana Silva Santos Braga.

VIÑA DEL MAR CHILE STAKE: (May 2, 2021) President — Alan Aaron Campos Gallardo, 37, DFV Engineering and Management technical inspector of works; succeeding Miguel A. Mercado Espinoza; wife, Camila Alexandra Araneda Alvarez. Counselors — Daniel Alejandro Martinez Salazar, 38, Equifax Dicom commercial manager; wife, Luz Adriana Martinez Amaya. Jaime Andres Zuñiga Henriquez, 49, freelance technician; wife, Nelly Eunice de Zuñiga Cortes.