Read about these 9 new and reorganized stake presidencies

New stakes

A new stake has been created from branches in the Zimbabwe Harare Mission. The Bindura Zimbabwe Stake, which consists of the Avilion, Retreat and Trojan branches and the Aerodrome, Bindura, Chipadze, Chiwaridzo 1st, Chiwaridzo 2nd and Chiwaridzo 3rd wards, was created by Elder Edward Dube and Elder Ciro Schmeil, General Authority Seventies.

BINDURA ZIMBABWE STAKE: (April 25, 2021) President — Las Chimbiriviri, 42, United Bottlers clerk; wife, Clarah Chimbiriviri. Counselors — Noel Moya, 40, self-employed; wife, Gertrud Chisakaitwa Moya. Wilbert Semende, 33, Cottco Zimbabwe branch buyer; wife, Alice Kamufunga Semende.

A new stake has been created from the Ann Arbor Michigan, Bloomfield Hills Michigan and Grand Blanc Michigan stakes. The Farmington Hills Michigan Stake, which consists of the Commerce, Farmington Hills, Howell, Livonia, Northville and White Lake wards, was created by Elder Lynn G. Robbins, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Richard J. DeVries, an Area Seventy. 

FARMINGTON HILLS MICHIGAN STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Jeffrey Paul Day, 52, IdeaCloud CEO, Tack22 Holdings co-founder and CEO, and North of 10 Advisors founder and CEO; wife, Amy Kathleen Goldman Day. Counselors — Shae Cameron Lorenc, 48, Ford Motor Company product planning and strategy; wife, Michelle Williamson Lorenc. Ronald Allen Zimmerman II, 53, Magna engineering specialist; wife, Ellen Ruth Gumaelius Zimmerman.

A new stake has been created from the Indianapolis Indiana North, Indianapolis Indian West and Lafayette Indiana stakes. The Fishers Indiana Stake, which consists of the Fishers 1st, Fishers 2nd, Fishers 3rd, Kokomo, Lawrence and Noblesville wards, was created by Elder Randy D. Funk, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Paul H. Sinclair, an Area Seventy.

FISHERS INDIANA STAKE: (April 11, 2021) President — Ryan A Robinson, 46, Eli Lilly & Company strategic business partner; wife, Heidi Young Robinson. Counselors — William Hoover Bryan, 52, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP partner; wife, Jennifer Slack Bryan. George Bryant Wright, 72, retired; wife, Lyndia Faye Adams Wright.

A new stake has been created from the Heber City Utah East, Heber City Utah North and Heber City Utah stakes. The Heber City Utah Old Mill Stake, which consists of the Heber 13th Branch (Spanish) and the Cobblestone, Heber 3rd, Heber 4th, Heber 7th, Heber 15th, Old Mill 1st, Old Mill 2nd and Old Mill 3rd wards, was created by Elder Walter F. González, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Colin C. Stauffer, an Area Seventy.

HEBER CITY UTAH OLD MILL STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Burke Farlen Roney, 55, self-employed real estate developer; wife, Andrea Leslie Williams Roney. Counselors — Grant Denton Southam, 48, David Evans and Associates Inc. vice president; wife, Andrea Snowball Southam. Brett Allan Zabel, 53, Wasatch County School District assessment; wife, Jennifer Pack Zabel.

A new stake has been created from the Antipolo Philippines and Marikina Philippines stakes. The Marikina Philippines East Stake, which consists of the Bagong Nayon, Cogeo, Marikina 6th, Sumulong 1st and Sumulong 2nd wards, was created by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Ernesto A. Deyro Jr., an Area Seventy.

MARIKINA PHILIPPINES EAST STAKE: (May 23, 2021) President — Jaime Erwin Cruspero Bernadas, 49, Software AG (Philippines) Inc. senior application engineer; wife, Noricel Reodica Tolentino Bernadas. Counselors — Gregory Navarro Palma, 49, Third Floor Corporation president; wife, Sheila Marie Galang Casaol Palma. Solomon Perez Sabado, 49, Qwest BPO Inc. president and CEO; wife, Lea Naredo Jornacion Sabado.

Reorganized stakes

ATLANTA GEORGIA STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — Peter Edwin Bennion, 45, Ross & Pines LLC attorney; succeeding Jermain N. Sullivan; wife, Nicole Rachael Bradshaw Bennion. Counselors — Clifton Adam Boswell, 39, STRUCTURE Engineering Collaborative principal; wife, Jerilyn Wilding Boswell. David Aaron Miller, 42, Georgia-Pacific LLC senior manager of analysis; wife, Candice Jones Miller.

CRUZ ALTA BRAZIL STAKE: (May 16, 2021) President — Adriano Paz, 40, Comercio de Piscinas owner and partner; succeeding Luís Floriano da Costa Peixoto; wife, Sheila Figueiró Paz. Counselors — Arides Alves, 40, self-employed commercial representative; wife, Rosemeri Oliveira Padilha Alves. Rodrigo França Nunes, 44, Ministry of Justice federal highway police; wife, Gilvana Mattos Fernandes Nunes.

GWANGJU KOREA STAKE: (June 13, 2021) President — Gim Jeong-Gi, 55, KEPCO KDN system manager; succeeding Suk Jung Oh; wife, Lee Young-Chun. Counselors — Kim Jong In, 49, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Yoon Ji-Won. Gwanjun Park, 54, INFAC Co. Ltd. sales director; wife, Kyungsun Choi.

HEBER CITY UTAH EAST STAKE: (June 6, 2021) President — David Lynn Smith, 48, Gauge Capital operating partner; succeeding Craig J. Davis; wife, Rebecca Cardall Smith. Counselors — David Garth Williams, 51, Franklin Templeton director of digital strategy and wealth management; wife, Cristina Reid Williams. Matthew Richard Sanders, 51, Western Governors University senior vice president of university development and TSC EcoSolutions senior vice president and co-founder; wife, Jennifer Ruth Spencer Sanders.