New stake created in Mesquite, 5 reorganized in U.S., Canada, Argentina and France

Notices of new and reorganized stakes around the world

New stake

A new stake has been created from the Mesquite Nevada Stake. The Mesquite Nevada West Stake, which consists of the Virtin Valley (Spanish) Branch and the Anthem (Retirement), Arrowhead, Bunkerville 1st, Bunkerville 2nd, Heritage and Wil- lows wards, was created by Elder Clark G. Gilbert, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daren R. Barney, an Area Seventy.

MESQUITE NEVADA WEST STAKE: (Jan. 15, 2023) President — Jared M Hollingshead, 49, Lega- cy Construction & Development Inc. human resources and risk manager; wife, Janarah Jensen Hollingshead. Counselors — Mark Evan Tichenor, 59, HintonBur- dick CPAs & Advisors partner; wife, Jennifer Carter Tichenor. Vernon Walter Pollock, 58, orthodontist; wife, Bonnie Jean Hillstead Pollock.

Reorganized stakes

PARIS FRANCE SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 26, 2023) President — Hikombo Hitoto, 47, infectious and tropical diseases specialist doctor; succeeding Louis-Marie Liebard; wife, Valérie Fançoise Michelle Triplet Hitoto. Counselors — Tiana Rakotondrainibe, 33, Aäsgard profit center manager; wife, Wladyslawa Amancay Rako- tondrainibe. Daniel Filipe Monteiro Furtado dos Santos, 39, hospital operating room health executive; wife, Romina Daniela Hernández de Sousa Furtado dos Santos.

SANTA FE ARGENTINA NORTH STAKE: (Feb. 26, 2023) President — Marcelo Fernando Baez, 35, law firm partner; succeeding Carlos G. Cantero Dupont; wife, Yamila Rut Albornoz Baez. Counselors — Miguel Angel Basualdo, 53, Don Juan Refrigeration beef jerky manufacturer; wife, Silvana Guadalupe Basualdo. Edgardo Marcelo Valazza, 43, Church field assistant; wife, Gisela Cristina Valazza.

TEMPE ARIZONA STAKE: (Feb. 19, 2023) President — Jason Galvis, 47, Charles Schwab & Co. risk and controls manager; succeeding Marcus F. Johnson; wife, Joseph Esther Lamadrid Lamadrid Galvis. Counselors — Seth Joseph Keeler, 46, W Holdings entitlements employee; wife, Colleen Lewis Keeler. Joshua Ernest Bell, 38, Grand Canyon Education operations manager; wife, Jennifer Lee Deaton Bell.

TORONTO ONTARIO STAKE: (Feb. 19, 2023) President — Erick Milani Casado, 42, IBM global tech talent acquisition and human resources professional; succeeding Kullervo H. Hynynen; wife, Andressa Del Col Casado. Counselors — Clloyld Anthony Burns, 63, Dynamix Inc. chemical blender; wife, Maria Bunch Burns. Samuel Fook Hang Au, 49, anesthesiologist; wife, Angela Chui Man Wong Au.

TULSA OKLAHOMA STAKE: (Feb. 26, 2023) President — Joshua Jon Bingham, 46, certified registered nurse anesthetist; succeeding Scott W. Stratton; wife, Jacque Nicole Bourland Bingham. Counselors — David Allen Johns, 50, Zebco Brands brand marketing senior vice president; wife, Karen Rachel Hutto Johns. Jacobo Estras Salan Reyes, 43, Sundt Construction project executive; wife, Karla Eugenia de Salan Bonilla.

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