Oman ambassador joins Elder Rasband in turning on Christmas lights at Washington D.C. Temple Elder Ronald A. Rasband joined Her Excellency Hunaina Al Mughairy, ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman, to press the switch that illuminated over 400,000 sparkling lights around the Washington D.C. Temple and Visitors’ Center.
Church leaders visited refugees at the Venezuelan border — Here’s what they learned During their 10 day trip to the South America Southwest Area, Sister Reyna I. Aburto and Sister Lisa L. Harkness witnessed the power of true ministering among Venezuelan refugees.
Elder Renlund’s 3 steps for becoming more spiritually receptive Elder Dale G. Renlund warns that all are vulnerable to spiritual receptor dysfunction by neglecting daily prayer, scripture study and attending Church. Having God's power is a true superpower, testifies Sister Ruth Renlund.
Latter-day Saint couple falls in love again after wife’s memory loss Laura and Brayden Faganello were married July 14, 2016. Nine months later, Laura suffered a traumatic head injury that caused her to lose many of her long-term memories — including marrying Brayden. Here's how they fell in love, again.
Thanksgiving service project at Provo MTC will help feed 140,000 families The Provo MTC's Thanksgiving Day service project produced some 350,000 meal kits to provide food for 140,000 families, all packaged by 1,516 missionary volunteers in just two hours.
Thanksgiving with Elder Andersen at the Provo MTC: A family card and gratitude for the blessings of life, choice and Christ Elder Neil L. Andersen shared a family-crafted card and a message of gratitude for life, choice and Christ in a Thanksgiving devotional at the Provo MTC.
5 thoughts from Latter-day Saint leaders on the meaning of gratitude As thoughts turn to counting blessings during this Thanksgiving season, here are thoughts from leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the meaning of gratitude and thankfulness.
Elder Rasband’s ‘A to Z’ ministry in the Pacific includes working with missionary grandsons Elder Ronald A. Rasband labeled his recent 14-day, three-nation assignment in the Pacific Area as ministering “from A to Z in terms of Church experience and people we met.”
Sarah Jane Weaver: What President and Sister Nelson did to help one young woman feel the Lord’s peace In a country of 97 million and in a hotel filled with thousands, the Lord relied on two people — a prophet and a counselor — to speak to one.
The Church just released ‘The Christ Child’ video. Here are 5 things that set it apart from other versions of the Nativity story The film "The Christ Child" tells the familiar story of Christ's birth in a surprisingly new and meaningful way. Here are five interesting facts and details about Nativity story and why it's different.