Shirley Ann Wilkes Thomas, former counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, dies at 94 Sister Shirley Ann Wilkes Thomas, who served as second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency from 1978 to 1983 died on Tuesday, Jan. 7, in Salt Lake City, Utah, at 94 years old.
What 9 ‘faith-filled’ LDSBC students shared about faith in Jesus Christ, agency and the Book of Mormon On Jan. 14, President Bruce C. Kusch and his wife, Sister Alynda Kusch, spoke to LDSBC students gathered in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square about the principles found in a “simple but powerful” Primary song and the miracle of a quilt walk.
Elder Vai Sikahema announces new BYU-Hawaii scholarships, details the importance of education During the first BYU-Hawaii devotional of the new year, Elder Vai Sikahema announced two new scholarships for Tongan and Hawaiian students at the university and shared his family's experience learning the importance of education.
If the prophet asked what he could do for you, how would you respond? During a BYU devotional on Jan. 14, Elder Michael T. Ringwood testified that God's gifts — including the gift of a living prophet — are "everything we need" to return to our Heavenly Home.
What these Church leaders learned from the examples of Latter-day Saints in Mexico With 13 temples and 220 stakes, the Mexico Area of the Church is well established with a growing membership. Here's a look at what three church leaders learned from Latter-day Saints in Mexico and their dedication to temple work.
President Nelson became the prophet 2 years ago. What has happened since then? Jan. 14 marks two years since President Russell M. Nelson was set apart as President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here's a brief look back at his ministry so far.
How the annual mission tours and interactions impact missionaries and mission leadership couples Most Latter-day Saints around the world know little about the Church assignments known as mission tours. Here's a look at how these assignments impact the missionaries, the mission leadership couple and the visiting leaders.
Mission tours: What most Latter-day Saints don’t know about the hundreds of such events conducted worldwide each year What are mission tours and why are they important for the Church's worldwide missionary force? Here's a look the purpose, planning and processes for the hundreds of mission tours conducted each year.
How to overcome ‘FOMO’ and commit to the Savior, Elder Christofferson explains Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife, Sister Kathy Christofferson, spoke to young adults about choice and commitment during a worldwide devotional on Sunday, Jan. 12.
Sarah Jane Weaver: What happens when people ‘do something about their faith’ When a tsunami struck Southeast Asia in 2004, the Church — like many nations and organizations — was quick to provide relief. But Elder David Walch and his wife, Sister Phyllis Walch, discovered the victims were in need of something more.
Situation remains seismic and ‘desperate’ for Latter-day Saints in southern Puerto Rico Latter-day Saints continue to serve one another as Church provides food, shelter materials and other provisions in Caribbean island for those displaced by quakes.
See the complete list of 130 new mission leadership assignments for 2020 The new mission leadership assignments will go into effect on July 1. This includes eight new missions that go into effect in July, and the new Africa Central and South areas that go into effect in August.