Video: After inspecting Salt Lake Temple renovation project, President Nelson says we should all be ‘worthy of the temple’ "Massive, amazing and inspiring” are three words that President Russell M. Nelson used as he inspected the renovation and preservation efforts of the Salt Lake Temple.
Video: President Cordon explains how ‘the Lord uses all of us’ in His Church “It’s not The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Women, it’s not The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Men. It’s The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Saints striving to do the will of the Lord," President Bonnie H. Cordon said.
Video: President Johnson on what it’s like to participate in Church executive councils as a woman Newly sustained Primary General President Camille N. Johnson talks about sharing her voice and perspective in some of the Church's executive councils.
Video: Why does religious liberty matter? Prominent faith and thought leaders answer that important question Elder Quentin L. Cook, along with Catholic and Pentecostal leaders, speak about the power of religion and the necessity to defend religious liberty in a manner that protects people of diverse faith, as well as those of no faith.
Video: From Carthage Jail, Elder Cook remembers the Prophet Joseph Smith, the martyrdom and his witness of the Savior The Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum Smith, were killed by a mob on June 27, 1844 — sealing their testimonies with their lives. A new Church News video features a visit of Elder Quentin L. Cook and his wife, Sister Mary G. Cook, to Carthage Jail.
Video: While visiting Liberty Jail, Elder Cook reflects on life and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith A new Church News video, titled "Be of Good Cheer," features Elder Quentin L. Cook during a recent visit to Liberty Jail as he reflects on the life and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Video: What Nauvoo, the temple and its history mean to Elder and Sister Cook This new Church News video, titled “Sacred Ground,” features images of Nauvoo as a temple city and concludes with Elder Cook’s apostolic witness of the Savior Jesus Christ.
Video: President Nelson describes the ‘prayerful foresight’ that led to the decision to build second temple in Ephraim, Utah, area President Russell M. Nelson talks about his appreciation for the Church’s pioneer legacy and his “deep gratitude for the Lord’s responding to our pleadings" in relation to the recent temple announcements.
Video: Elder Uchtdorf says missionary work should move ‘back to the future’ after pandemic Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said that when the pandemic ends, missionary work shouldn't revert back to the ways before the pandemic. Instead, use the lessons learned and adapt.
Video: Church News documentary highlights President Nelson’s first 3 years as prophet A new Church News documentary, “President Russell M. Nelson: The First Three Years,” highlights President Nelson’s worldwide ministry, his outreach to world leaders, his focus on the rising generation, and his efforts to build temples.
Video: One year into COVID-19, President Ballard offers an eternal perspective in facing hardship “This is going to pass,” President M. Russell Ballard said of the worldwide pandemic. “If we’re anchored to Jesus Christ, we will be happy, we will be secure, and we will be helpful.”
15 videos of Church leaders and members in 2020 you might have missed Watch President Russell M. Nelson talk about the "painful" decision to close temples, a behind-the-scenes look at filming the bicentennial proclamation and more in this roundup of Church News videos.
Video: How President Nelson feels about Christmas, colors and children Watch the latest Church News video titled "Christmas and Children," featuring President Nelson interacting with children from all around the world. "Every one is special," he said.
Video: President Ballard says the ‘greatest thing’ that ever happened was finding and marrying Sister Ballard Two years after Sister Barbara Ballard's death in 2018, President M. Russell Ballard speaks of her love and influence — and of his loneliness without her — in a Church News video, titled “Simply Beautiful.”
Video: President Ballard reflects on Joseph Smith’s ancestors in Topsfield, their ‘unwavering faith’ In a new Church News video titled "Unwavering Faith," President M. Russell Ballard talks about Joseph Smith's ancestors that lived in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
Video: President Nelson turns 96 this week. Here’s a glimpse of his fast-paced ministry, historic leadership “Celebrating 96 years,” a new Church News video honoring President Nelson’s 96th birthday, offers a small glimpse into his fast-paced ministry and historic leadership.