Missionary serving in Mexico tests positive for COVID-19 A young full-time missionary serving in Mexico City has tested positive for COVID-19. He and his companion are isolated, and the Church is contacting others who have been in contact with the elder.
What I know now after trying to plan a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic While the world seems to be going topsy-turvy, I’m doing my best to take deep breaths (at least six feet away from anyone else), look for the “compensatory blessings” Sheri Dew wrote about and notice the hand of the Lord in my life.
Boyd Matheson: As uncertainty increases, search for the affirming voice — ‘I prepared you so’ The current uncertainty has many of us in a defensive crouch waiting for a booming “I told you so” moment. That is simply not the Lord’s way of teaching and nurturing His children.
Parade of motorists welcome home missionaries while adhering to social distancing Missionaries who recently returned to their homes in South Jordan, Utah, because of the coronavirus pandemic greet a motor parade of friends and fellow members eager to welcome them home.
President Nelson invites all worldwide to fast for ‘physical, spiritual healing’ in response to COVID-19 “I invite you to join with me in a worldwide fast — for all whose health permits — to pray for relief from the physical, emotional and economic effects of this global pandemic," President Nelson said.
Shortened length of service for missionaries returning to the U.S. and Canada among updated adjustments from Church leaders Church leaders announced additional adjustments to missionary work on March 26, including a specific shortening of length of service for full-time missionaries returning from international assignments to the U.S. and Canada.
How COVID-19 is affecting the Church’s missionary force of 67,000 — no missionary has tested positive Adjustments to missionary work due to the coronavirus pandemic has directly affected nearly half of the Church's missionary force, but no missionary has posted positive for COVID-19.
Latter-day Saints share blessings of joy, service, family and more amid coronavirus crisis In part four of the compensatory blessings series, Latter-day Saints share experiences of seeing the Lord's hand despite the difficult circumstances of COVID-19.
Utah Area presidency asks families to not congregate at airports as unprecedented numbers of missionaries return home As large numbers of missionaries return home due to the global health crises, the Utah Area presidency asks members and missionaries to follow self-isolation instructions with greater care.
How these Latter-day Saints are finding strength, peace during the coronavirus pandemic In response to Sheri Dew's column on compensatory blessings, many Latter-day Saints have shared ways they are seeing the Lord's hand during the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus update: All 10 MTCs are closing, nonnative missionaries to return from Mexico, Vietnam and India Missionary training centers are temporarily closing and more nonnative missionaries are returning to their home countries, as the Church updated its adjustments for missionary service on Monday, March 23.
Latter-day Saint Charities responds to coronavirus, assisting with commodities and financing worldwide Latter-day Saint Charities is assisting with efforts in the wake of global health concerns, including providing support, supplies and funding worldwide and helping with increased production from Church canneries and food-processing plants.
Church recalling many missionaries to home countries, MTCs to not receive new missionaries Substantial numbers of full-time missionaries serving in countries other than their own will likely be returning to their home countries, and missionary training centers worldwide will not be receiving new missionaries.