Latest temple updates: Reopenings include 17 temples — 10 in Utah — resuming the performance of all living ordinances As of Aug. 17, 29 temples worldwide — including 10 in Utah — will be open for all living ordinances, with another 101 open for living husband-and-wife sealings.
‘The work continues,’ says President Ballard, other members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles amid COVID-19 During this complex and challenging time “the reality is simple,” said President M. Russell Ballard. “The Church has to keep moving.”
President Nelson says ‘silver linings’ can be found amid COVID-19 struggles “Dear friends, the road ahead may be bumpy, but our destination is serene and secure," President Russell M. Nelson said. "So, fasten your seatbelt, hang on through the bumps, and do what’s right. Your reward will be eternal.”
Elder Renlund explains how to access the power of the temple — whether it’s open or not Limited access to the temple during COVID-19 “doesn’t change the impact that the temple can have on us in our lives,” Elder Dale G. Renlund said in a recent video.
Perpetual Education Fund loan payments deferred to November 2020 amid COVID-19 Students who benefit from the Church's Perpetual Education Fund don't have to worry about loan payments and interest charges until at least November 2020, according to a July 23 Church announcement.
Video: President Nelson talks about the ‘painful’ decision to close temples amid COVID-19 In a new Church News video released July 27, President Nelson describes the decision to close temples in March amid COVID-19 as "painful" and "wracked with worry."
Elder Clayton urges BYU-Idaho graduates to find their own ‘promised land,’ despite current uncertainties Elder L. Whitney Clayton addressed the 2,601 BYU-Idaho graduates in an online commencement service for those whose last semester was disrupted by COVID-19.
First Presidency announces changes to temple endowment ceremony, citing ‘a desire to enhance the temple learning experience’ “With a concern for all and a desire to enhance the temple learning experience, recent changes have been authorized to the temple endowment ceremony," the First Presidency wrote in a statement released July 20.
Utah Area presidency urges Latter-day Saints in the state to wear masks in public As Utah reaches a new single-day record of COVID-19 cases, the Utah Area presidency asks Latter-day Saints to "be good citizens by wearing face coverings when in public."
Elder Uchtdorf says ‘don’t mask your heart’ while physically distancing In his article “Don’t Mask Your Heart,” Elder Uchtdorf explained why he prefers the term “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing” during the pandemic.
‘Luz de Las Naciones’ to be held online in November and December Due to COVID-19, two virtual "Luz de Las Naciones" events will be broadcast in November and December. In the past, the Latin American cultural celebration has been held at the Conference Center.
Elder Soares: How experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic have enhanced Sabbath day observance Amid the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have also been blessings, Elder Ulisses Soares said. One blessing is "the opportunity to elevate the power of the Sabbath day."
BYU Vocal Point pays tribute in CNN performance to COVID-19 victims BYU's all-male a cappella group, Vocal Point, recently performed virtually on CNN, paying tribute to those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19. The group strives to fulfill its mission: "Enlighten the hearts and minds of those within the sound of our voice unto the filling of their souls with joy.”
The power of the Book of Mormon in the pandemic: How Saints are ‘spiritually thriving’ amid challenges Six months ago, the Sunday School general presidency said it would be “a year of powerful scripture study unlike any other.” Here's how some Latter-day Saints are finding this to be true.