Glimpses of hope sustain Latter-day Saints in COVID-19 hotspots of Navajo Nation, NYC Latter-day Saints in the United States' two most heavily virus-impacted regions are still unable to worship in traditional gatherings and continue to rely on technology.
How Brazil became a ‘pioneer’ for FamilySearch live social media events Brazil’s pioneering role in live social media events can be credited to support from local Church leaders and members, a unique demographic with a rising interest in family history, and a localized marketing strategy.
First Presidency announces October 2020 general conference to be broadcast but closed again to public Due to health concerns and restrictions of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, October 2020 general conference will be broadcast but closed to the public.
‘Helping Hands’ volunteers from 6 states offer help after Michigan flooding Helping Hands volunteers came from 175 cities across six states to offer help and relief to Midland, Michigan, residents after a historic flood devastated their homes on May 19.
‘Survive, strive and thrive’: How missions in Europe are working — and succeeding — during the COVID-19 pandemic Despite being in isolation for months now, missionaries in Europe are not simply waiting out the pandemic. Here's a look at how they are using technology to increase finding and teaching efforts.
How youth worldwide are gathering virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic Though youth and Primary children haven’t been able to physically meet for a few months due to COVID-19 concerns, many have found creative ways to gather virtually. Here’s a glimpse of what some stakes and wards have been doing around the world.
‘Saints’ today: What would early pioneers say or do if facing the COVID-19 pandemic? The Church News spoke with writers of "Saints, Volume 2" about how pioneers' perseverance can inspire today's Saints to have hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Deseret News: From ‘that dreadful day’ to resuming in-person worship: How Latter-day Saints weathered the past 2.5 months Through interviews, reporting over nearly four months and press accounts, the Deseret News has compiled a picture of the Church’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Beehive Clothing facilities worldwide will produce 200,000 gowns, 1.5 million masks in COVID-19 relief project The six Church-owned Beehive Clothing plants have been producing medical-grade gowns and face masks instead of sacred clothing since mid-April.
With easing of COVID-19 restrictions, personal revelation is essential, says Elder Renlund Speaking to the Church News as governments across the globe began easing restrictions, Elder Renlund said personal revelation enables Latter-day Saints to move forward without fear.
First Presidency announces some meetings, activities to resume as world continues to respond to COVID-19 In a letter addressed to Latter-day Saints, plans were outlined permitting “some meetings and activities to be resumed on a limited basis using a careful, phased approach.”
Scott Taylor: What I know now about pandemic-period missionaries and ‘preconceived missions’ "The full-time missionaries of 2020 — those serving before, during and after the pandemic — deserve admiration and appreciation for their efforts in uncertain times," Scott Taylor wrote.
Want a look into your neighbor’s quarantine life? You might be surprised and inspired From watercoloring to building a half pipe, gardening to creating a mosaic — Latter-day Saints all around the world are using their extra quarantine time creatively. Here's a look at what some members are doing.