President Bingham teaches Ensign College students the antidote to the ‘unique anxieties of this era’ "I pray you will remember who you are, keep an eternal focus and build your foundation on Jesus Christ," President Jean B. Bingham told Ensign College students.
The Church has an ‘unparalleled future’ in Europe, President Nelson tells Latter-day Saints from 48 European countries At a time when some feel that religion is dying in Europe, Latter-day Saints are "the hope of Europe," said President Russell M. Nelson.
Elder Andersen shares counsel with BYU–Hawaii students on how to look at New Year’s resolutions In a BYU–Hawaii devotional, Elder Andersen encouraged students to make choices that will draw them closer to the Savior "inch by inch" and "day by day."
How to avoid being deceived by Babylon’s band, according to President Kusch The Babylon that exists today is not a physical place, but a representation of everything in the world seeking to weaken faith and loyalty to Jesus Christ, President Kusch told Ensign College students.
What President Henry J. Eyring taught BYU–Idaho students about tests of honor during the COVID-19 pandemic "Almost all blessings are predicated on doing the right things when the costs seem too high or even unfair," President Henry J. Eyring taught BYU–Idaho students during a devotional on Jan. 11.
In first BYU devotional of the year, President Worthen discusses a trait that ‘will change your life dramatically’ In his first address to students during a new semester and a new year, BYU President Kevin J Worthen shares how humility leads to joy.
What Elder Soares taught missionaries about the doctrine of Christ and their missionary purpose Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles asked missionaries worldwide to deepen their understanding of the doctrine of Christ and implement it in their lives.
3 ways to build a spiritual foundation on the ‘rock of our Redeemer,’ President and Sister Ashton tell BYU–Pathway students Building a spiritual foundation on Jesus Christ involves choosing to trust God, keeping the commandments and making and keeping covenants, President and Sister Ashton tell BYU–Pathway Worldwide students.
‘Remove windage’ to be securely bound to the Savior, President Johnson tells BYU students During a BYU devotional, President Camille N. Johnson invited students to pray to know what "windage" is creating a strain on their relationship with the Savior.
Elder Renlund teaches Latter-day Saint young adults about a skill set they will need throughout their lives In a devotional broadcast to French-speaking young adults, Elder Renlund explained 14 parallels between a stethoscope and receiving personal revelation.
Elder Cook gives 5 principles to help young adults strengthen faith in the Savior In a devotional for young adults in the Europe, Europe East, Africa and Middle East areas, Elder Cook outlined five principles to follow as they place faith in Jesus Christ.
In first in-person graduation since pandemic began, Elder Carl B. Cook promises BYU–Hawaii graduates ‘the Lord has a work for you’ For the first time since winter 2020, BYU–Hawaii graduates were able to gather in person for commencement.
6 Apostles speak in devotionals — read about them here On Sunday, Jan. 9, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Elder Neil L. Andersen, Elder Ronald A. Rasband and Elder Dale G. Renlund streamed messages to different areas of the world.
As a first-generation Church member and college graduate, Elder Godoy shares 3 lessons he learned from pursuing education During an Ensign College devotional, Elder Godoy recalled that for much of his youth a university education seemed like something impossible.
How to obtain ‘an abundant life and life eternal,’ Elder Bassett teaches BYU students “When we fail to maintain gospel purity — through speculation or seeking answers from unverified or disingenuous sources — we risk doctrinal drift," Elder Bassett told BYU students.
Elder Sabin shares 8 principles of peace and happiness with BYU–Idaho students “God our Father knows and loves His children. Because He loves us, He has provided a plan, which, if followed, will bring us the peace and happiness we seek,” Elder Gary B. Sabin promised during a BYU-Idaho devotional.