Education Week

Latter-day Saint youth and suicide: What to know and how to help In an Education Week presentation, Michael A. Goodman delved into the data surrounding Latter-day Saint youth and suicide and discussed what is real, what is false and how individuals, groups and others can help.
President Cordon and President Lund emphasize following the Savior’s example in teaching youth how to lead “As we follow the example of the Savior, we better magnify our love, our expectations and our youth’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,” President Bonnie H. Cordon taught during BYU Education Week.
What 3 mental health experts taught at BYU Education Week about anxiety, perfectionism, religious OCD and depression Several Latter-day Saint professionals taught about mental health from a variety of angles during BYU Education Week Aug. 16-20. Here's what they said.
Children and Youth program is not about goal setting — it’s about exercising faith in the Savior, Young Women and Young Men leaders say At BYU Education Week, Brother Bradley R. Wilcox and Sister Rebecca L. Craven explained the purpose of the Children and Youth program and its three components: gospel learning, service and activities and personal development.
BYU Education Week: 5 ways to activate your inborn capacity to experience joy All of God’s children come to Earth with an innate ability to experience joy, Carrie M. Wrigley taught during BYU Education Week. Here are five simple tools to rekindle that joy.
How the Children and Youth program supports the rising generation in accomplishing the work of salvation and exaltation “That is our purpose: to live, care, unite and invite," Sister Michelle D. Craig said during a BYU Education Week session on the Children and Youth program.
BYU Education Week: How God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ can help those struggling with addiction Addiction can happen with drugs, alcohol, caffeine, gambling, pornography and even eating disorders. Jason Webb explains what addiction is, what causes it and how to treat it, during a BYU Education Week class held on Aug. 17.
What one Latter-day Saint nutritionist shared about how the gospel can influence physical health Speaking at BYU Education Week, registered dietician and nutritionist Zachary Cordell shared what he has learned about the gospel and how it can influence people's health for the better.
BYU-Idaho Education Week puts a new spin on what it means to have confidence, joy BYU-Idaho Education Week featured messages from CES Instructor Eric Richards, BYU-Idaho Alumni Director Steve Davis and authors and educators George Durrant and Susan Easton Black.
How ‘that thing’ in the attic connects the past and the present in a way nothing else can A few weeks ago Casey P. Griffiths was touring Tarawa, an island in the Pacific Ocean where a bloody World War II battle was fought between U.S. Marines and the Japanese.
Failure is not a weakness, says BYU Education Week speaker People tend to stand in their own way of progression because, too often, they are so afraid of failure, that they never even try, Robert Ferrell explained during BYU Education Week. But failure, he said, is about a lot more than it seems.
‘If you can manage your anxiety, you will perform better’: Psychologist gives ways to cope with anxiety Licensed psychologist Debra Theobald McClendon explored the differences between healthy and debilitating anxiety during an Aug. 22 BYU Education Week presentation.