Education Week

How ‘that thing’ in the attic connects the past and the present in a way nothing else can A few weeks ago Casey P. Griffiths was touring Tarawa, an island in the Pacific Ocean where a bloody World War II battle was fought between U.S. Marines and the Japanese.
Failure is not a weakness, says BYU Education Week speaker People tend to stand in their own way of progression because, too often, they are so afraid of failure, that they never even try, Robert Ferrell explained during BYU Education Week. But failure, he said, is about a lot more than it seems.
‘If you can manage your anxiety, you will perform better’: Psychologist gives ways to cope with anxiety Licensed psychologist Debra Theobald McClendon explored the differences between healthy and debilitating anxiety during an Aug. 22 BYU Education Week presentation.
‘Enticement’ goes both ways, Primary general president says at BYU Education Week Speaking to thousands of people gathered in the Marriott Center on the University’s campus on Aug 21, Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president, said to use "enticements" as a catalyst for spiritual growth.
A peek at this year’s BYU Education Week: Nathan Pacheco, Sister Joy Jones and more Thousands of people toting bags with notebooks, class schedules and water bottles are expected to flood the Brigham Young University campus Aug. 20-24 for the annual BYU Education Week.