The biggest obstacles of sharing the gospel today and what you can do to work past them Members must partner with the Church to produce online and social media content that can teach and testify of Christ's gospel and plan, declares Elder Kevin W. Pearson.
Elder Kevin W. Pearson speaks on Aug. 3, 2018, about the opportunities that individual members have to teach key gospel truths through various social media platforms. Elder Pearson was speaking at the annual FairMormon Conference in Provo, Utah.
FairMormon conference sheds light on impact women have had on the Church, why it needs to be talked about Annual conference is an extension of the independent organization's commitment to address charges leveled at the Church's doctrines, practices and leaders.
FairMormon president Scott Gordon and presenter Taunalyn Rutherford answer audience questions following Rutherford's Aug. 1, 2018, presentation about Latter-day Saint women in India.