Update: 44 members shelter in meetinghouse from volcano on island of St. Vincent As eruptions continued from La Soufriere volcano Tuesday, nearly four dozen members of the Church are sheltering at a meetinghouse on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.
Watch: Bishop Caussé and UNICEF’s executive director express thanks for COVID-19 relief UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore recently expressed gratitude to Latter-day Saint Charities for its $20 million donation to help ensure access to COVID-19 vaccines.
Musical selections during Easter morning conference session represent the global Church, its members International choirs sang "Redeemer of Israel," "I Love To See the Temple," and "I Am a Child of God" during the Sunday morning session of general conference.
General conference on Easter: What it means to Church members across the globe to hear messages about the Savior Latter-day Saints from across the globe share their thoughts about the opportunity to listen to the Lord’s Prophets and Apostles on a day set aside to honor the Savior.
Hundreds of fire victims in the Philippines take shelter at Latter-day Saint meetinghouse A March 9 blaze destroyed 300 homes and a meetinghouse in Davao City, on one of the southern Philippine islands, has become a shelter to hundreds of evacuees.
Brazil Area Presidency meets with First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro to discuss COVID-19 relief projects “We want to serve. Our teacher is Jesus Christ and we testify that He lives," Elder Parrella of the Brazil Area Presidency told First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.
Area organization advisers: Women leaders in international areas to provide instruction, mentoring What is an area organization adviser? Read about this new calling for women in international areas to help mentor Relief Society, Young Women and Primary leaders.
How a mobile bakery in Syria is delivering bread and hope to the hungry Though such a bakery had never been built — and government regulations and customs laws had to be met — “doors opened in ways that we never could have expected,” Liz Freckleton said.
French-speaking young adults share their gratitude, spiritual impressions from unique devotional From Africa to Tahiti and Canada to France, young adults shared appreciation, impressions and lessons they learned from the Spirit after having the unique opportunity to hear an Apostle in their native language.