Missionaries in 2020: Pandemic impacts and new possibilities, processes Missionaries serving the Church in 2020 were impacted by returns to home countries and reassignments, but they also learned how to more effectively use technology to share the gospel.
Learn more about the Church’s 3 new global magazines starting in 2021 Beginning in January 2021, Latter-day Saint youth and children around the world will have access to a global magazine made just for them. Learn more about the new Liahona, For the Strength of Youth and Friend magazines.
BYU-Pathway Worldwide passes 50,000-student milestone, continues as valuable higher-education resource This year marks the first time in BYU-Pathway Worldwide's 10 year history that student enrollment surpassed the 50,000 milestone. The growth of the higher education institution signals that it is an important part of the Church Educational System, President Clark Gilbert said.
More than 800 tons of food being donated to New York charities to commemorate 200th anniversary of First Vision The Church is sending 200 deliveries of food across the state of New York to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s First Vision.
Latter-day Saint Charities and the World Food Programme partner to aid global pandemic relief efforts Continuing their long standing partnership, Latter-day Saint Charities and the World Food Programme collaborate to provide pandemic relief efforts worldwide.
How BYU-Pathway Worldwide is becoming one of the most valuable education opportunities for returned missionaries With an easy application process, tuition discounts and an entirely online-based program, BYU-Pathway Worldwide is proving to be an increasingly valuable experience for young returned missionaries.