History Revisited

Timeline: Notable events in the 90-year history of the Church News Since the Church Section first rolled off the presses on April 4, 1931, its editors, reporters and photographers have been covering the events of leaders and members around the world.
50 years of BYU Law School: An inside look at the charge to teach laws of man in the light of God’s laws A half-century after President Harold B. Lee announced plans to build the J. Reuben Clark Law School, law deans at Brigham Young University reflect on school's unique mission and opportunities.
Remembering Emma Hale Smith, the first president of the Relief Society Learn more about and see photos from the life of Emma Hale Smith, the first president of the Relief Society, one of the scribes for the translation of the Book of Mormon and curator of the Church’s first hymnbook.
11 facts about the Los Angeles California Temple in honor of its 65th anniversary In the opening dedicatory session, President McKay said, "This is one of the most memorable dedicatory services, if not, in many respects, the most memorable temple dedicatory service ever held in the Church."
Episode 19: Director of Church History on connecting to the people in the Doctrine and Covenants In Episode 19 of the Church News podcast, Matthew J. Grow, managing director of the Church History Department, discusses Church history and studying the Doctrine and Covenants. The Doctrine and Covenants is a book of answers, so study of the book helps provide the questions, he says.
‘Come, Follow Me’: Learn more and see photos of the Priesthood Restoration Site The events that occurred at the Priesthood Restoration Site in Harmony, Pennsylvania — discussed in this week's "Come, Follow Me" study — were "crucial to the restoration of the Lord's gospel."
10 notable but not well-known Church history sites in the U.S. — plus 1 in England Two islands in Maine, Wisconsin pineries, the site near where “Come, Come, Ye Saints” was written and a recently restored home in Nauvoo, Illinois, are part of a list below of these 10 sites in 10 states across the United States — plus one in England — that are connected to events in Church history but are not as well-known.
The restoration of the priesthood and why it matters: New Church history podcast explores context, events “For too long, the power of the priesthood has only been taught to men in priesthood quorums," Elder Dale G. Renlund says in an episode of the new Priesthood Restored podcast.
How the Church historic sites are fulfilling their purpose during the pandemic Through “lots of miracles” and the help of technology, Church history sites have not only continued to share the message of the Restoration, but have also increased its reach.
From monument to proclamation: celebrating the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birth, life and testimony In a New England frame house in Sharon, Vermont, the Prophet Joseph Smith was born on Dec. 23, 1805. On the 215th anniversary of his birth, take a look back at how his life and ministry have been commemorated.
New plaque in Royalton Memorial Library honors the Prophet Joseph’s contribution to Vermont history The Royalton Memorial Library, located a few miles from the Joseph Smith Birthplace, bears a plaque honoring the Prophet Joseph and his contribution to Vermont's history.
What Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells learned about unity and persistence amid hardship in late 19th century The latest release of Eliza R. Snow’s discourses and Emmeline B. Wells' diaries provide insight into their teachings, service and personal lives as they strive for unity and to let “great things be done by the women of Zion.”