History Revisited

The restoration of the priesthood and why it matters: New Church history podcast explores context, events “For too long, the power of the priesthood has only been taught to men in priesthood quorums," Elder Dale G. Renlund says in an episode of the new Priesthood Restored podcast.
How the Church historic sites are fulfilling their purpose during the pandemic Through “lots of miracles” and the help of technology, Church history sites have not only continued to share the message of the Restoration, but have also increased its reach.
From monument to proclamation: celebrating the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birth, life and testimony In a New England frame house in Sharon, Vermont, the Prophet Joseph Smith was born on Dec. 23, 1805. On the 215th anniversary of his birth, take a look back at how his life and ministry have been commemorated.
New plaque in Royalton Memorial Library honors the Prophet Joseph’s contribution to Vermont history The Royalton Memorial Library, located a few miles from the Joseph Smith Birthplace, bears a plaque honoring the Prophet Joseph and his contribution to Vermont's history.
What Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells learned about unity and persistence amid hardship in late 19th century The latest release of Eliza R. Snow’s discourses and Emmeline B. Wells' diaries provide insight into their teachings, service and personal lives as they strive for unity and to let “great things be done by the women of Zion.”
Topsfield: The prequel to Joseph Smith’s story that helped lay the groundwork for the Restoration Five generations of the Prophet Joseph Smith's ancestors lived in Topsfield, Massachusetts. A new monument was recently placed there to honor their legacy.
What you might not know about the first editions of the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price In 2020, three of the Church's four standard works marked significant anniversaries. Read some interesting facts about their first editions here.
A historical perspective on President Nelson’s #GiveThanks invitation and other messages on gratitude Church leaders in the past have issued invitations to the world. “But there has been no invitation quite like the one that President Nelson gave,” Richard Turley Jr. said.
Gerry Avant: ‘Stargazer’ Jayne B. Malan always cared for the lambs "Enjoy every minute of your life. Don’t be afraid to say no, to stand up for what you know is right, and take your friends along with you," Sister Jayne B. Malan advised young people when she was called to the Young Women general presidency in 1986.
How the Woman’s Exponent served as a ‘standard bearer’ for the women of the Church The recently digitized pages of the early Relief Society magazine give in bright detail firsthand accounts of the thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences of women in early Church history.
20th anniversary of the Church’s 100th temple — the Boston Massachusetts Temple It took 170 years for the Church to dedicate its 100th temple on Oct. 1, 2000. Now, 20 years later, there are more than 200 temples either in operation, under construction or announced.
New Joseph Smith Papers volume features Eliza R. Snow poems, revelation on baptisms for the dead The 105 documents in the newly released “Joseph Smith Papers, Documents Volume 11: September 1842–February 1843" include poems penned by Eliza R. Snow and Joseph Smith's revelation on baptisms for the dead now canonized in the Doctrine and Covenants.
Gerry Avant: Recalling Koreans’ tears during 1981 general conference As a member of the Church News staff, Gerry Avant has helped cover 96 general conferences. One moment from general conference that stands out in particular is the 151st Annual General Conference.
20 years of ‘The Living Christ’: How the First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve continue to emphasize the Savior In the 20th-anniversary year of “The Living Christ,” here is a look at how the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have focused on the Church’s most important doctrine.
The story of the Kia Ngawari Trust: How these amateur historians amassed a national treasure Through their efforts to record the history of missionaries who served in New Zealand, these amateur historians epitomize "Kia Ngawari": Be loving. Be gentle. Be kind.
Watch: ‘Emmeline B. Wells and the Road to Suffrage’ special presentation The presentation “Going to Work with a Will: Emmeline B. Wells and the Road to Suffrage” will be streamed live on the Church History Museum’s Facebook page tonight at 7 p.m. MDT.