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President Nelson lauds new volume of Joseph Smith Papers project, images of original Book of Mormon manuscript President Russell M. Nelson calls the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon "one of the most significant and sacred artifacts the Church possesses."
President Bingham teaches Ensign College students the antidote to the ‘unique anxieties of this era’ "I pray you will remember who you are, keep an eternal focus and build your foundation on Jesus Christ," President Jean B. Bingham told Ensign College students.
The Church has an ‘unparalleled future’ in Europe, President Nelson tells Latter-day Saints from 48 European countries At a time when some feel that religion is dying in Europe, Latter-day Saints are "the hope of Europe," said President Russell M. Nelson.
How seminary blessed the life of President Ballard growing up in a family that didn’t attend church In today’s conflicted world, young people need the joy and peace offered by the Savior Jesus Christ through His gospel, President Ballard taught during a Seminaries and Institutes of Religion broadcast.
Sarah Jane Weaver: What Elder Holland taught me about exercising faith in Christ — even amid incomprehensible heartache During a BYU devotional, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland delivered the ultimate message of the gospel of Jesus Christ — the message that all will be forgiven and must forgive in order to be His.
Elder Andersen shares counsel with BYU–Hawaii students on how to look at New Year’s resolutions In a BYU–Hawaii devotional, Elder Andersen encouraged students to make choices that will draw them closer to the Savior "inch by inch" and "day by day."
On the day honoring Martin Luther King Jr., President Nelson asks all to ‘labor together to abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice’ The Book of Mormon teaches that "black and white, bond and free, male and female ... all are alike unto God," President Nelson wrote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
What President Henry J. Eyring taught BYU–Idaho students about tests of honor during the COVID-19 pandemic "Almost all blessings are predicated on doing the right things when the costs seem too high or even unfair," President Henry J. Eyring taught BYU–Idaho students during a devotional on Jan. 11.
What Elder Soares taught missionaries about the doctrine of Christ and their missionary purpose Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles asked missionaries worldwide to deepen their understanding of the doctrine of Christ and implement it in their lives.
‘Remove windage’ to be securely bound to the Savior, President Johnson tells BYU students During a BYU devotional, President Camille N. Johnson invited students to pray to know what "windage" is creating a strain on their relationship with the Savior.
Brother David T. Lisonbee: 5 ways to talk to your son about serving a mission Brother David T. Lisonbee of the Young Men general advisory council shares ways parents can talk to their teenage sons about preparing for missionary service.