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Watch a message from President Nelson and President Kimball: ‘You are the women he foresaw’ “We need your strength, your conversion, your conviction, your ability to lead, your wisdom and your voices,” President Russell M. Nelson told the women of the Church.
Sarah Jane Weaver: How Elder Rasband knows the pioneer legacy of faith in central Utah continues today Elder Rasband — whose own ancestors settled the area — said the “divine announcement” of a temple in Ephraim brought two words to his mind: “joy and rejoicing.”
Video: President Nelson describes the ‘prayerful foresight’ that led to the decision to build second temple in Ephraim, Utah, area President Russell M. Nelson talks about his appreciation for the Church’s pioneer legacy and his “deep gratitude for the Lord’s responding to our pleadings" in relation to the recent temple announcements.
How to support youth in planning Young Women camp and making it a place to ‘grow in unity and love’ "Now more than ever, our young women need a place and opportunity to gather together, separate from worldly influences, to feel the Spirit of the Lord," the Young Women general presidency and advisory council writes.
Elder and Sister Stevenson teach young adults 4 components of proper balance, how to find spiritual strength and peace Like the early Latter-day Saints, young adults can look out, look up and look within for gospel vision and balance, Elder Gary E. Stevenson and Sister Lesa Stevenson taught.
Elder Rasband concludes BYU Women’s Conference with focus on the divine destiny of daughters of God “Do you believe that you, a daughter of God, has work to do on earth as part of the eternal plan?” Elder Ronald A. Rasband asked during the 2021 BYU Women's Conference.
Sister to Sister event: How to deal with unfulfilled expectations, disappointment and feel God’s love During the BYU Women's Conference Sister to Sister event, Sister Michelle Craig, Sister Susan Porter and Sister Sharon Eubank answered questions about unfulfilled expectations, mental health and women's voices in the Church.
Young Women general presidency speaks on ‘the beautiful reality’ of divine identity and discipleship “We are beloved daughters. We are disciples of Jesus Christ. We are witnesses of God," said President Bonnie H. Cordon during BYU Women's Conference.
President Pace teaches how to navigate trials with faith and optimism President Mark L. Pace taught at BYU Women's Conference that Jesus Christ overcame the world and provides the strength to meet every trial the world can give us. He provides eternal perspective through His restored gospel and comfort through the influence of the Holy Ghost.
What the new Primary general presidency taught about perfection and worth at BYU Women’s Conference The newly called Primary general presidency spoke at BYU Women's Conference about practicing perfection, finding peace in the Savior and being "enough."
How to make Relief Society a safe place for every sister, the general presidency emphasizes at BYU Women’s Conference “Relief Society needs to support all women, to help them always feel a part of our divine, eternal sisterhood,” President Bingham taught.