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Power of gathering evident in Europe as Elder Bednar leads meetings with leaders, members, missionaries in Germany and Italy With his recent travel to Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Milan, Elder Bednar was the first Apostle to be in Europe since COVID-19 restrictions began.
15 invitations from April 2021 general conference by the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles As October 2021 general conference approaches, here is a look back at 15 invitations the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles extended during April 2021 general conference. 
Learn about Elder Neil L. Andersen’s reflections on Joseph Smith after visiting Church historic sites in Eastern United States The Prophet Joseph Smith "lived in crescendo," said Elder Neil L. Andersen after visiting Church historic sites in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.
This is the 4th year in a row an Apostle has addressed the G20 Interfaith Forum. Here’s what Elder Rasband said about participating “Instead of being soloists in different parts of the world, we can be a choir, and we can put aside the differences in our tenets," Elder Rasband said at the conclusion of the G20 Interfaith Forum in Italy.
The power of faith groups in preventing hunger through food development, Sister Eubank emphasizes at G20 Interfaith Forum During the G20 Interfaith Forum on Tuesday, Sister Sharon Eubank emphasized the need to focus on food development rather than food aid — before the crisis hits.
Believers’ ability to serve tied to religious freedom, Elder Rasband says at G20 Interfaith Forum “When religion is given the freedom to flourish, believers everywhere perform simple and sometimes heroic acts of service," Elder Ronald A. Rasband said at the G20 Interfaith Forum on Monday, Sept. 13.
G20 Interfaith Forum is all about connections and solving world problems, religious leaders say The G20 Interfaith Forum began Sunday with a message from Pope Francis and ringing speeches by Slovenia’s president, Sri Lanka’s prime minister and the president of the World Jewish Congress, among others.
Elder and Sister Bednar teach young adults how to find answers to their own questions — ‘ask, seek and knock’ In Sunday's Face to Face, Elder and Sister Bednar emphasized the pattern “ask, seek, knock” as young adults around the world shared personal experiences of finding answers to questions through the Holy Ghost. 
A look at the history of Face to Face events: Topics, audiences, locations and international reach When did Face to Face events begin, which Church leaders have participated and what have they talked about? Here is a historical look at the interactive question-and-answer broadcasts.