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President Ballard pleads with Latter-day Saints to ‘pray for this country’ as United States is at ‘another crossroad’ Speaking to 12,000 people in the DCU Center near Boston, President Ballard said, “I plead with you this evening to pray for this country, for our leaders, for our people, and for the families that live in this great nation founded by God.”
Video: President Ballard, Elder Christofferson testify of the Restoration at Joseph Smith’s birthplace President M. Russell Ballard and Elder D. Todd Christofferson share their testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith while visiting Sharon, Vermont.
Immigrant welcome centers in Texas and Arizona bring faith, government leaders to work together for human dignity On Friday, Oct. 18, two Church leaders — Elder Soares and Elder Rasband — visited new immigrant welcome centers supported by the Church in Texas and Arizona, respectively. Visiting with local faith and government leaders, they expressed a need for immigrant services as a means of preserving human dignity.
‘Joseph Smith is everything we say he is’: President Ballard, Elder Christofferson testify of the Prophet at his birthplace President M. Russell Ballard and Elder D. Todd Christofferson visited Sharon, Vermont, and testified that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God in "the dispensation of the fullness of times."
President Nelson taught 63 temple presidents and matrons at a Temple Leadership Seminar. Here are some takeaways At the 2019 Temple Leadership Seminar, 63 new temple presidents and matrons were taught by President Russell M. Nelson, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
Sister Eubank shares how her mission to Finland helped shape her career and taught her the importance of service After returning to Finland, where she served as a young missionary, Sister Eubank shared how service and the things she learned as a missionary have shaped her life.
Elder Holland gives an inside look to miracles that made the BYU Jerusalem Center possible Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke during the 30th anniversary of the dedication of the BYU Jerusalem Center on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah, on Oct. 11.
This Week on Social: Want to learn more about your favorite general conference talks? Just turn to Facebook Here is a gallery of what each member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, as well as several women leaders, shared on Facebook following each session of general conference, Oct. 5-6, 2019.
How ‘the happiest place on earth’ strengthens members from California to Central America (and everywhere in between) During their recent travels to California and Central America, Sister Jean B. Bingham, Sister Becky Craven and Sister Cristina B. Franco shared the blessings of the temple with members and how it strengthens families and communities.
Photos show the final session of October 2019 general conference In addition to building anticipation for next year, President Nelson's closing remarks highlighted changes to the questions bishops ask when assessing the readiness of members to attend the temple.
President Nelson: 2020 a ‘bicentennial year,’ with April conference ‘different from any previous conference’ President Russell M. Nelson invited members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to prepare for April 2020 general conference, which will be held 200 years after Joseph Smith's First Vision.