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This week on social: How to ‘hear Him’ at general conference, reassurance for returning missionaries From building a living room tent to seeking quiet time, Church leaders shared ways to listen for the Lord's voice during general conference this weekend.
3 Latter-day Saints from around the world share why they think this general conference will be unforgettable Latter-day Saints from around the world share why they have been anticipating April 2020 general conference and how they will make it "unforgettable" despite changed plans.
Here’s a list of articles on the Restoration to help you prepare for general conference To help Church members prepare for general conference, the Church News wrote a series of articles dedicated to the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church's journey from grove to globe.
How Venezuelan Saints are an example of dealing with change, isolation, affliction in this uncertain time While Latter-day Saints around the world adjust to restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saints in Venezuela stand as examples of faith, perseverance and growth during uncertain times.
‘Millions shall know Brother Joseph’: Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. explains how At the time of Joseph Smith's death, many critics anticipated that the Church would fade into oblivion. But millions have come to "know Brother Joseph again."
What I know now after trying to plan a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic While the world seems to be going topsy-turvy, I’m doing my best to take deep breaths (at least six feet away from anyone else), look for the “compensatory blessings” Sheri Dew wrote about and notice the hand of the Lord in my life.
Boyd Matheson: As uncertainty increases, search for the affirming voice — ‘I prepared you so’ The current uncertainty has many of us in a defensive crouch waiting for a booming “I told you so” moment. That is simply not the Lord’s way of teaching and nurturing His children.
This weekend on social: During a global pandemic, these Church leaders share how they are finding inspiration and solace Breaking up the newsfeeds filled with COVID-19 updates, these Church leaders took to social media this weekend to share uplifting and hopeful messages.
This week on social: Peace, revelation and serving in a time of social distancing This week, apostles shared their testimonies of the peace that comes from Christ — even in uncertain times — and women leaders encouraged followers to find new, meaningful ways to minister to others and study the gospel at home.
What President Nelson’s example of optimism has taught LDSBC president during COVID-19 pandemic The presidents of LDS Business College and BYU–Hawaii addressed their students, faculty and staff at devotionals broadcast for the first time via livestream due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
What I know now: Serving the Lord is not about ‘where’ but ‘how’ Though reassignments may happen and the online MTC will be different, remember this teaching from Elder Bednar: a missionary is not called to a place. "Rather, he or she is called to serve.”
Scott Taylor: What I learned from 3 girls at the Durban temple dedication While waiting in line for the first Durban South Africa Temple dedication session, Church News managing editor Scott Taylor learned a lesson about temple blessings from a trio of young women with the wrong temple recommends.
Sheri Dew: How have you seen ‘compensatory blessings’ during the coronavirus outbreak? Sheri Dew invites Church members to share experiences of identifying compensatory blessings during the outbreak of COVID-19. Experiences can be emailed to [email protected]
Sarah Jane Weaver: What helped me plan my father’s funeral amid coronavirus restrictions Thinking of Latter-day Saints in Sierra Leone following a prophet's counsel three decades ago helped Church News editor Sarah Jane Weaver realize that fear and uncertainty can be replaced with peace and protection.