Living Faith

BYU–Hawaii devotional: 3 invitations that provide the key to enduring sense of identity and meaningful belonging Knowing divine identity is essential to meaningful belonging, which then "affects who we become," taught Elder John C. Pingree Jr. at BYU–Hawaii.
Youth in Texas and Utah continue family history project in honor of two missionaries killed one year ago Young men and young women in Denton, Texas, and Springville, Utah, are teaming up again for a day of linking records to FamilySearch, in honor of two missionaries killed one year ago.
This week on social: President Nelson’s blessing from the young adult devotional — ‘I bless you to know the truth about who you are’ President Russell M. Nelson, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and President Jean B. Bingham were among the Church leaders who shared messages on social media this week.
Elder Valenzuela teaches BYU–Idaho students of what is vital to their spiritual, physical safety During campus devotional, Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela encouraged BYU–Idaho students to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost in their daily lives.
Young adults fill the Conference Center, take home a message of true identity For the first time since March 2020, the Conference Center was filled to capacity, for a young adult devotional. So many people came that Temple Square overflow areas filled as well.
Youth and young adults lead tours at ancient tabernacle replica, pointing to Christ and temple covenants A full-sized replica display of the Old Testament tabernacle and adjoining visitors center experience are showing tens of thousands of visitors the connections between ancient and modern temples.
Music & the Spoken Word: Of enemies and friends Imagine what could happen if, instead of harboring resentment, you reached out in some kind way to someone who offended you, Lloyd Newell shares in this week's "Music & the Spoken Word" with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
This week on social: What Elder Uchtdorf wants refugees and anyone struggling with burdens to know President Henry B. Eyring, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and President Camille N. Johnson were among the Church leaders who shared messages on social media this week.
BYU’s Old Testament art exhibition arrives at perfect moment for ‘Come, Follow Me’ students The Biblical artwork of French artist James Tissot returns to Brigham Young University's Museum of Art in a timely Old Testament exhibition that will supplement "Come, Follow Me" studies.
Why 2 women drive 14 hours to deliver aid to a Ukrainian meetinghouse transformed into a refugee waystation From southern Germany through the Czech Republic and Poland, these two women take supplies to a meetinghouse in Lviv that is a gathering place for Ukrainian refugees.
This Mother’s Day on social: Church leaders pay tribute to the influence of mothers and women Several Church leaders shared appreciation and tributes to mothers and women on Sunday, including single mothers, working mothers, nurturers and caregivers.