Living Faith

A backstage look at some of the people who make your family history work possible The records preservation mission is one of many family history missionary opportunities for senior missionaries. And each records preservation mission is very different.
Elder Craig C. Christensen shares 8 principles that helped Joseph Smith through trials. Here’s why they can help millennials Speaking at the FairMormon conference, Elder Craig C. Christensen shared eight attributes that helped Joseph Smith navigate the battleground of good and evil.
BYU-Idaho Education Week puts a new spin on what it means to have confidence, joy BYU-Idaho Education Week featured messages from CES Instructor Eric Richards, BYU-Idaho Alumni Director Steve Davis and authors and educators George Durrant and Susan Easton Black.
BYU’s Museum of Art celebrates upcoming 200th anniversary of First Vision with heavenly exhibit BYU's Museum of Art's new exhibit, "Rend the Heavens," celebrates the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith's first vision and takes a deep look at the connection between humans and the divine.
Video: Civil rights activist quotes stirring version of ‘Come, Come, Ye Saints’ and what it symbolizes for the NAACP At the 110th NAACP convention, Reverend Amos C. Brown proclaimed the similarities he's found between different religions and races and how those similarities bring hope and love to children of God everywhere.
Boyd Matheson: ‘It can be well with this nation’ if we lock arms as children of God Songs with similar words, sung to vastly different tunes, in distinctively unique organizations have harmonized the love of God and raised the sacred strains that come from loving our neighbors as ourselves.
Boyd Matheson: ‘Come, Follow Me’ is more than a course of study — it’s an invitation Latter-day prophets recognize that “Come, Follow Me” is more than a course of study — it is an invitation for members and non-members alike to know the Savior Jesus Christ, understand His atoning sacrifice and feel His redeeming love in
New FamilySearch’s interactive online experience, quiz links users with pioneer children The FamilySearch Pioneer Children Online Activity — which includes a quiz, short stories and biographical information on those who crossed the plains between ages newborn to 18 — is now available.
Sissel sings with heart at Tabernacle Choir’s Pioneer Day concert, explains what you didn’t know about Disney’s ‘Frozen’ The cultures of Scandinavian and Nordic pioneers played a large focus in The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square's annual Pioneer Day concert, "Music for a Summer Evening," featuring guest artist Sissel, on July 19.
Sarah Jane Weaver: What I know now that I learned from a little girl on a high dive Each of us find ourselves at different times standing on the edge of a high dive. In those moments of discouragement, may we all look forward with faith and take a determined leap.
A look at the 90 year impact of ‘Music and the Spoken Word’ — the longest running continuous radio program On July 14, "Music and the Spoken Word" celebrated its 90th anniversary and its legacy as the longest running continuous national radio program in the U.S. Here's a look at the history of the broadcast and its impact over the last nine decades.
‘You can’t fake love’: An inside look at how refugees in Rome and Latter-day Saints are coming together in an extraordinary way The Friendship Center in Rome, Italy, provides an opportunity for refugees to take classes that promote self-reliance and to feel hope that 'things are going to get better.'
2 missionaries talk about returning home early and how loved ones can help Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and early returned missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints share advice for those who return home early and feel they don't belong when they get home.