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Music and the Spoken Word: What a story from Mother Teresa's life teaches about the true spirit of Christmas This season of special holidays is all about giving. Young children are often most excited about what they might receive, but over time, we discover that real joy comes from giving.
Mother Teresa, head of the Missionaries of Charity order, cradles an armless baby girl at her order's orphanage in what was then known as Calcutta, India, in 1978.
Animated, kid-friendly video puts Book of Mormon story about Christ's birth in a whole new light A Book of Mormon story about the birth of Christ is portrayed in a new animated video by the Church.
In a new video produced by the Church, Samuel the Lamanite, a prophet in the Book of Mormon, prophesies of Christ's birth.
Music and the Spoken Word: The true meaning of Christmas What does Christmas mean to you? One couple learned something about the meaning of Christmas several years ago when, the day after Christmas, their infant son passed away.
A young couple whose baby died at Christmastime would hang a stocking for him.
Giving machines #LightTheWorld in Arizona this Christmas season The Giving Machines opened in Gilbert on Nov. 29, one of only five places in the world. Sister Reyna I. Aburto, second counselor in the Relief General Presidency, participated in the groundbreaking ceremony. Donations will benefit those in need.
Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels cuts the ribbon for the opening of the giving machines on Thursday, Nov. 29, accompanied by Sister Reyna Aburto and leaders of local nonprofits that will benefit from donations made in Gilbert, Arizona. The giving machines are part of the Church’s popular #LightTheWorld campaign.
It's all about soul: What one choir is doing to put a little 'gospel' into the gospel The Unity Gospel Choir with guest artists Jenny Oaks Baker, Loren Allred and the Bonner Family, present “A Soulful Christmas” a one night event returning this season for the third time to the Utah Valley University Event Center on Friday, Nov.
The Unity Gospel Choir with director Debra Bonner at a performance.
How the gospel transformed an abusive guard into an ally at a World War II POW camp A prison camp in France in the 1940s caused a German soldier to suffer years of physical deprivation and mental anguish. It also became a gateway to a more abundant and fulfilling life as he learned of the gospel of Jesus Christ from a fellow POW.
American soldiers and supplies arrive on the shore of the French coast of German-occupied Normandy during the Allied D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 in World War II. 
Music and the Spoken Word: Looking forward to Christmas Maybe that’s why we look forward so eagerly to Christmastime — because at Christmas we tend to think more of others than ourselves.
A nativity scene is on display on the Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017.
Not your typical dinner: What Thanksgiving at the Provo MTC looks like and why it matters to 350,000 people More than 1,500 missionaries are spending the holiday season in the Provo MTC, away from home and family. But if the ringing bells and cheers echoing through a parking garage are any indication, this Thanksgiving is a happy one.
Missionaries currently serving at the Missionary Training Center in Provo work together to fill apple oats breakfast bags as they participate in an annual service project with Feeding Children Everywhere to address the issue of domestic hunger. Working in a covered parking ramp the group assembled and distributed 350,000 meals to The Utah Food Bank on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018.
5 quotes on gratitude from Church leaders to share with friends, family this Thanksgiving Having gratitude has many real blessings. According to Cerebral Cortex, gratitude can literally rewire the brain and increase happiness.
Throughout the years, Church leaders have spoken about the value of being grateful.
How ordinary Latter-day Saints made an extraordinary impact on this woman's testimony of the gospel Sister Vicki G. Jackman, a member of the Young Women general board, shares the people who have served as her most influential teachers.
A scene from the Church's Bible videos depicts the Savior preaching His Sermon on the Mount to a group of people.
Music and the Spoken Word: Why we gather to give thanks Thanksgiving is a time of gathering. We gather together to enjoy a meal, to connect with loved ones, and to recognize and celebrate the good things in our lives.
President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863.
Elder Bowen shares 3 attributes that will help you be your best self Elder Shayne M. Bowen spoke to students at a BYU campus devotional on Tuesday, Nov. 13. In his address, Elder Bowen urged students to become their “best” selves by developing and personifying three key attributes.
Elder Shayne M. Bowen speaks to students on the BYU Provo campus at a devotional on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018.
From acorn to oak tree: How Elder Melvin J. Ballard's prophecy about the Church in South America continues to be fulfilled On July 4, 1926, as Elder Melvin J. Ballard spoke about the future of the Church in South America. “The work of the Lord will grow slowly for a time here just as an oak grows slowly from an acorn." Today there are 4 million members in South America.
Sister missionaries smile after meeting with President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lima, Peru on Oct. 20, 2018.
What Church members can look forward to in the 'Come Follow Me' 2019 home curriculum Since the Oct. 6 announcement, Church members around the globe have been anticipating the arrival of the new "Come Follow Me-For Individuals and Families" curriculum.
A study of the scriptures, supported by the new resource "Come, Follow Me — For Individuals and Families" is the suggested course of gospel study at home.
Music and the Spoken Word: How to face tragedy with courage and confidence Recent events remind us that bad things happen to good people. Too often, senseless tragedies wrench our souls — whether the victims live in our own community or on the other side of the world.
"Good Shepherd" is by Del Parsons.
Music and the Spoken Word: The 1 free gift we can all choose to have There’s one ability, one gift that every one of us can choose to have: happiness. It’s a gift we can literally give ourselves. So how do we access this free gift?
One woman felt unhappy when she looked at online posts about weddings, celebrations and vacations. But she realized how pointless it is to compare herself to others.
What the new Church website is doing to help victims of abuse The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published a new website on Oct. 25 aimed at providing help, healing and protection for victims of abuse and those who want to help prevent abuse.
Parents can protect and prepare their children by learning how to talk to them about abuse. can help families begin these important discussions.