Living Faith

Liz Darger: We can teach and speak with power and authority from God Liz Darger, a member of the Young Women general board, remembers in her early life not believing that God would work through someone ordinary. Here's how she came to understand differently.
Sarah Jane Weaver: What I learned from a child in Manaus about temples, faith and sacrifice While Church News editor Sarah Jane Weaver was visiting Manaus for the dedication of the Manaus Brazil Temple in 2012, a young boy asked her a simple question: "How do you sacrifice?" Here's what she has learned.
Gerry Avant: Missionary didn’t let earthquake, injury sidetrack his calling Elder Randall Ellsworth was serving a mission in Guatemala when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck on Feb. 4, 1976. Despite his severe injuries, he returned to finish his mission.
This Week on Social: Young Women invited to share how their leaders inspire and bless their lives This week on social media, Church leaders celebrated — and were gearing up for — significant anniversaries, asked readers to examine their spiritual lives and invited youth and young adults back to seminary and institute.
Colorado Latter-day Saint youth gather close to 16,000 pounds of canned goods for local food bank “We are so grateful for the incredible food donation we received from the youth group at Fountain Colorado Stake from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” said Care and Share CEO Lynne Telford.
Sheri Dew: How losing my mother taught me that grieving is a kind of enhanced gratitude "My mother never saw herself as anything but the most ordinary woman, but there was nothing ordinary about her goodness or her faithfulness or her absolute devotion to her children," writes Sheri Dew of her mother who passed away this year.
BYU continues its strategic plan — including enrollment increase of 3,000 — regardless of COVID-19 "If we fully engage, process and remember the experiences of this present pandemic world, we can bring together the past and the present to make a better future," BYU President Kevin J Worthen said.
This week on social: How Elder Uchtdorf achieved his dream of becoming a pilot Church leaders took to social media this week to write about how to come closer to God, the importance of consistent gospel effort, and their joy in members following the Lord.
Kathryn Reynolds: Blessed by priesthood power as a single woman As a single member of the Church, Relief Society board member Kathryn Reynolds knows what it is like to not have a priesthood bearer in her home. Here's what she has learned about how the Lord blesses her with priesthood power individually.
Sydney Walker: My personal connection to Emmeline B. Wells, Eliza R. Snow and the suffrage movement "To see a photo of my fourth-great grandmother sitting next to Emmeline B. Wells and Eliza R. Snow — it was as if I discovered gold," Sydney Walker writes.
This week on social: What it takes to listen to spiritual promptings, according to these Church leaders Three Apostles and a Young Women general leader shared their testimonies on social media this week about listening to the Spirit and working through difficult experiences.
Memnet Lopez: Choosing to trust and wait on the Lord Relief Society general board member Memnet Lopez shares what she has learned about trusting God and His timing in answering some of the big questions she has about the gospel.
Gerry Avant: How an interview I did 47 years ago still serves as ‘living history’ "My interview with Lorenzo Petersen was a doorway, so to speak, that led back to a past century and, at the same time, was grounded in the then-present looking toward the future," Gerry Avant writes.
Music and the Spoken Word: ‘That which is timeless’ "So what is it about such music — or any kind of art — that keeps us engaged over the decades, even centuries? Some of its timeless appeal comes from its ability to lift us above the mundane, temporary things of daily life," Lloyd Newell said in this week's Music and the Spoken Word.