How the Lord can help you find your unique role, purpose and place The abundance and diversity of life "means that in order to suceed on the planet, a species must have a purpose and a place," Grose said during a BYU devotional in the de Jong Concert Hall on May 21.
Julianne Grose, associate professor of microbiology and molecular biology, speaks during a BYU devotional in the de Jong Concert Hall on May 21, 2019.
How a donation of more than 250 instruments is blessing Paradise fire victims In a unique and inspired act of ministering, stakes in Washington combined their efforts to gather and donate more than 250 musical instruments to restore hope and music to the victims of the Paradise, California, wildfires.
Doug and Sandi Anderson in Paradise, California after the fire.
With Memorial Day coming up, let us know how you honor fallen heroes or other deceased family Memorial Day is an opportunity to honor and remember those who have died while serving in the military as well as other deceased family members.
The Washington Monument is seen in the background as people visit the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, Friday, May 27, 2016, on the stat of the Memorial Day weekend. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
What President Nelson’s upcoming visit will mean to 1 Tongan mother One Tongan mother is looking forward to President Russell M. Nelson's visit to Tonga during his Pacific tour.
The Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple.
Full-time missionary serving in Mexico City dies of asphyxiation in his apartment Elder Andrew Carr, 19, who was serving in Mexico City, died Saturday, May 18, of asphyxiation in his apartment due to a faulty water heater near the shower in his apartment.
Elder Andrew Carr, age 19, of Fort Worth, Texas, died Saturday, May 18, 2019, of asphyxiation in his apartment. He was serving in the Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission.
Latter-day Saint cadets get one-of-a-kind training at West Point Latter-day Saint cadets and civilians gather together to learn gospel principles in the shadow of one of the world's most famed military academies.
Young women gather for May 4, 2019, YSA conference at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.
28 years ago, this mom dropped out of school to take care of her son. Now, they graduate from BYU together Latter-day Saint woman graduates from Church school 25 years after dropping out to care for newborn son/fellow BYU alum.
Sheri Lawrence and her son, Blake, gathered with family to celebrate their respective graduations from Brigham Young University.
How 1 couple went from working for the CIA to serving a mission for the Church This retired CIA couple applied for a go-anywhere do-anything senior mission and were surprised and personally stretched at what the Lord had in store for them.
Elder and Sister Sellers receive the Beacon Of Light Award for their service to the community during a radio program with hostess Catherine Flowers of Bread Of Life.
BYU pitcher-turned-Army general says military makes him a better Latter-day Saint Army Brig. Gen. William D. "Hank" Taylor returns to BYU to share professional and spiritual direction to newly-commissioned officers.
U.S. Army Brig. Gen. William D. "Hank" Taylor, left, works with fellow soldiers in the field.
The remarkable story of how 1 couple in their 90s found each other and the gospel A couple in their 90s find each other after 70 years apart and are sealed in the temple.
Bud and Shirley Anderson are photographed on the day of their sealing.
Latter-day Saint 'hero' shot twice after rushing gunman at Colorado school shooting Graduating senior's injuries are not life-threatening; fellow ward members and neighbors step up to support grieving students.
Josh Jones, 18, a priest from the Roxburogh Ward, Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake, was shot twice during the May 7, 2019, school shooting in Colorado. He was attempting to subdue one of the gunmen when he was injured.
What Joseph Smith's experiences can teach you about receiving revelation Pinegar, an assistant to the matron of the Provo Utah Temple, shared several patterns Joseph Smith set for seeking and receiving revelation during her closing keynote address at BYU Women’s Conference on May 2.
Women exit the Marriott Center as they head to their classes for the 2019 Womens Conference on May 2.
Women form a rich narrative in the history of the Church, Primary general presidency teaches The legacy of history-making women in the Church continues even to this day, the Primary general presidency taught at BYU Women's Conference on May 2.
Women exit the Marriott Center as they head to classes during the 2019 BYU Women's Conference, on May 2, 2019.
Video: How 1 man is finding hope in his recovery from pornography addiction In the latest installment of the “His Grace” series, one man shared his experience with pornography addiction.
On April 25, the Church released a new video in the "His Grace" series which highlights one man's recovery from pornography addiction.
How 1 Latter-day Saint has found joy as a missionary 4 years after paralyzing accident Leadership and ability fuel young elder who refuses to be defined by his physical challenges.
Elder Joshua Hinton, right, speaks with Jan and Tom Galovich during a party at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
See the milestone, centenarian and death notices of these Church members Notices of members celebrating 70 years of marriage or more, members celebrating 100 years or more, and deaths of members who have served in a general Church capacity.
Visitors walks past flowers on the grounds of the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City on Friday, April 19, 2019.
How 3 members helped the Church be officially recognized in DR Congo "Pioneer" Latter-day Saints in DR Congo include individuals who were converted in Europe before returning home and those who learn about the Church from books well before formal organization and recognition in the country.
David M. Kennedy, second from left, a special representative of the First Presidency, and Oscar W. McConkie Jr., fourth from the left and in the back, legal counsel for the Church, were key in helping get official recognition in 1986 for the Church in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). They are joined by, from left, a Mr. Minani of the Zaire intelligence office; Mucioko Banza, Mbuyi Nkitabungi, Régine Banza, Sister Jean Hutchings, Judith McConkie and Elder R. Bay Hutchings.