CES updates employment standards to require current temple recommend for new hires In harmony with President Russell M. Nelson's counsel to find spiritual safety through temple covenants, new CES employees will be required to hold a current temple recommend.
Watch: Latter-day Saint teen/soccer pro Olivia Moultrie featured in faith-filled, Church-produced video A new Church video features Latter-day Saint teen Olivia Moultrie discussing life as a pro-soccer player and remaining anchored to her faith and family.
What Church leaders and members are saying about the new emotional resilience course Topics covered in the emotional resilience course include developing healthy thinking patterns, managing stress and anxiety, understanding sadness and depression and building healthy relationships.
Church to send clean water, masks and satellite phones to Tonga following volcano eruption, tsunami “With our combined faith and prayers, we will work our way through this issue and enjoy a bright future,” said Elder Ian S. Ardern, Pacific Area president.
Church leaders continue to assess damage after underwater volcano near Tonga triggers tsunami waves, knocks out communication In response to the volcanic eruption, the Church will distribute 50,000 masks in Tonga to help prevent inhalation of volcanic dust.
In honor of the late U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, President Ballard, U.S. presidents and other leaders talk about his faith in Jesus Christ “Harry Reid was a man of faith — in word and in deed,” said President M. Russell Ballard. “Harry cared for (those Jesus Christ called) ‘the least of these’ — those who were less fortunate, hungry, sick or those who had any number of challenges.”
Colorado wildfire: missionaries and Church members accounted for, but some lost everything One family shares their harrowing escape from the Marshall fire that tore through Boulder County, Colorado, and burned hundreds of homes to the ground.
Sunday School general presidency suggests 3 ways to approach the Old Testament with ‘Come, Follow Me’ 2022 To help Latter-day Saints with their upcoming study of the Old Testament, the Sunday School general presidency suggested three ways to approach it: Look for Christ, understand context and find personal meaning.