Did you know a WWII veteran and gospel convert helped develop the Corvette? Here’s his story Born in Lansing, Michigan, in 1922, Lane has lived somewhat of an exciting life for a Michigan farm boy. Here's a look at how this WWII vet found the Church in his late 90s.
This Latter-day Saint has won 55 awards in pickleball, but for him it’s not just a sport — it’s a missionary tool Here's how one Latter-day Saint uses his talent with the sport he loves to teach others about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Church leaders give safety report for members, missionaries in Tokyo affected by Typhoon Hagibis In the aftermath of record flooding and rainfall in Tokyo from Typhoon Hagibis, the area presidency reported members and missionaries as safe. Damages in the area are still being assessed.
Elder James O. Mason — emeritus General Authority Seventy — dies at age 89 Elder James O. Mason, 89 — the former head of the U.S. Public Health Service who also served for five years as a General Authority Seventy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019.
What running 200-mile-ultramarathons has taught this man about what is most important in life Michael McKnight was told he might not be able to run for a year when he broke his back due to a skiing accident. Now, he's running ultramarathons and says the experience helps him appreciate what is most important in life — his family and the gospel.
New Young Women theme, class name and structure changes announced Changes to Young Women announced during the general women’s session include a new theme; retirement of “Beehive,” “Mia Maid” and “Laurel”; organization of classes according to local needs; and a greater emphasis on class presidencies.
Why ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women is so important to the youth, according to Church leaders Brother Stephen W. Owen announced an adjustment to the "Come, Follow Me" curriculum for youth beginning 2020. Here is why Church leaders say the youth curriculum is so important.
Sarah Jane Weaver: Why the policy change of women as witnesses isn’t really a change at all Church News editor Sarah Jane Weaver talks about the policy change announced by President Russell M. Nelson during the leadership session of October 2019 general conference.
Social media reacts to news that women can now serve as witnesses for baptisms, temple sealings Here are Twitter and Facebook reactions to President Russell M. Nelson's announcement at a general conference leadership meeting that women and children who are baptized can now serve as witnesses to baptisms.
Women can serve as witnesses for baptisms, temple sealings, President Nelson announces in historic policy change Women and children who are baptized can now serve as witnesses to baptisms. Worthy temple recommend holders, including youth with limited-use recommends, can also witness baptisms in the temple. Women who are endowed can serve as witnesses to temple sealings.
This woman says being single led her to become like a second mother to 200 children. Here’s how she’s made a difference In 1998, Ellen Dietrich, a single woman from Germany took a risk. Now, 21 years later, she is a second mother to more than 200 children in Nepal and says she has increased her capacity for Christlike love.
Why the Children and Youth program is more than just a shift from Scouting The new Children and Youth program will begin January 2020. Church leaders explained more details about the program in a video presentation shown to congregations worldwide on Sept. 29.
University of Utah athletes share testimonies of Christ On Friday, Sept. 27, five Latter-day Saint Ute athletes called a spiritual time-out — sharing their testimonies of Christ at a lunchtime devotional at the Institute of Religion at the University of Utah.
How Tropical Storm Imelda is impacting Latter-day Saints and what 2,000 volunteers are doing to help Here's a look at which areas have been hit hardest by Tropical Storm Imelda and how the Latter-day Saint community has been helping one another in the aftermath of the storm.