Pacific Tour

President Nelson concludes Pacific Ministry Tour with a warning: ‘There’s trouble ahead’ President Russell M. Nelson completed his nine-day, seven-country Pacific Ministry Tour in Tahiti, where he asked Latter-day Saints to prepare for "attacks from the adversary."
After meeting Tongan king and queen in royal palace, President Nelson is welcomed ‘home’ by Latter-day Saints More than 10,000 Tongan Latter-day Saints had a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they welcomed President Russell M. Nelson "home" on May 23.
4,000 Fijian Latter-day Saints welcome President Nelson on fifth stop of Pacific Ministry Tour The devotional is the fifth stop on President Nelson’s Pacific Ministry Tour — a nine-day, seven nation trip. It was broadcast to meetinghouses across Fiji.
Boyd Matheson: A look at some of the most meaningful lessons from President Nelson’s Pacific tour Every nation on the Pacific Ministry Tour itinerary includes a harbor. President Nelson and Elder Gong are transforming these harbors into havens where heaven can draw near, members can unite and empowering principles of the gospel can be shared.
President Nelson announces New Zealand temple site, meets with missionaries, members and Muslim leaders President Nelson addressed missionaries and members Tuesday in New Zealand. He also spoke to government and religious leaders, announced the site for the new temple in Auckland and gave a donation to mosques impacted by violence.
President Nelson calls New Zealand’s prime minister ‘courageous,’ promises Church will donate to mosques President Nelson praised New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for being a "peacemaker" and said the Church would be donating to the two mosques targeted in the nation's worst terror attack in history.
President Nelson urges Samoan members to be strong in the face of persecution, ‘attacks of the adversary’ On his Pacific tour, President Nelson asked members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to fortify themselves against the attacks of the adversary.