Episode 85: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Patricia Holland, with guest host Sheri Dew, Part 2 — Becoming disciples of Jesus Christ In Part 2 of a 2-part podcast, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Patricia Holland speak about what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ and remember the miracle of Easter every day.
Episode 84: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Patricia Holland, hosted by Sheri Dew, Part 1 — Service, health, faith and devotion to Jesus Christ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Patricia T. Holland reflect on their lives and service in two-part Church News podcast.
Episode 82: How a unique ‘Reverse Open House’ is helping build interfaith relationships in the Washington, D.C., area Diana Brown, the assistant director of interreligious engagement at Georgetown University, joins the Church News podcast to discuss how interfaith interactions strengthen individuals, communities.
Episode 81: Davis and Asialene Smith, founders of the Cotopaxi gear company, on being better member missionaries Davis and Asialene Smith speak on the challenges and blessings and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with friends, neighbors and coworkers.
Episode 80: ‘Saints, Vol. 3’ editors detail documenting a history that highlights globalization of the Church and overcoming trials This week's podcast features "Saints, Vol. 3" editors Jed Woodworth and Scott Hales who share how they found the stories of members, how the Church changed in from 1893-1955, and how it's relevant today.
Episode 79: Elder Kevin W. Pearson on the positive influence Utah has on the global Church; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host Elder Kevin W. Pearson talks about the Utah Area — small in terms of geography, large in terms of membership, activity and influence.
Episode 77: April 2022 general conference recap — Jesus Christ offers peace in turbulent times In general conference, Church leaders invited members to avoid contention, find and stay on the covenant path and share the blessings of the restored gospel with others.
Episode 76: President M. Russell Ballard shares memories of general conference, emphasizes the need to anchor faith in Christ President Ballard shares memories of the first time he attended general conference, the first time he spoke, and how he prepares for conference.
Episode 74: Relief Society President Jean B. Bingham on the 180th anniversary of the worldwide women’s organization With the motto “Charity Never Faileth,” the Relief Society for 180 years has blessed millions worldwide in its efforts to strengthen women and families, increase faith and offer relief across the globe.
Episode 73: Incorporating spiritual strategies to forge emotional resilience, with David T. Morgan During a time when many are dealing with anxiety and depression, this episode of the Church News podcast features a discussion on mental and emotional health.
Episode 72: Bishop Keith B. McMullin on key Christlike leadership principles that bless work, life and family Decades of experience have taught Bishop Keith B. McMullin that following the example of the Savior will strengthen Church, work and family leadership.
Episode 70: The expansiveness of the Salt Lake Temple renovation project, with Brent Roberts and Andy Kirby Learn about the work that has been done on the Salt Lake Temple renovation project, the unexpected things crews discovered along the way and what still has to be accomplished
Episode 69: Elder Christofferson and President and Sister Top emphasize drawing courage from history to face modern challenges In this week's Church News podcast, Elder Christofferson and President and Sister Top teach how to face modern challenges by understanding the history of the Mormon Battalion.
Episode 68: The Young Men general presidency on trusting in the Lord and strengthening Latter-day Saint youth President Steven J. Lund and his counselors, Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt, and Brother Bradley R. Wilcox, praise the strength and testimonies of Latter-day Saint youth.
Episode 67: Sister Nelson on being an eyewitness to President Nelson’s four years as Prophet Sister Nelson shares her testimony, how to seek for truth in an age of overflowing information and what she has learned as an eyewitness to President Nelson’s extraordinary ministry.
Episode 66: BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger on excellence in sports, BYU’s Honor Code, gospel principles; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger talk about BYU sports with guest host Sheri Dew.
Episode 65: Leaders of the Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mission speak on faithfully and flexibly serving the Lord amid trials and the pandemic Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mission leaders President Robert Dudfield and Sister Darice Dudfield talk about missionary work in Ethiopia and all that has impacted it — including the pandemic and the recent civil unrest.
Episode 64: Using critical conversation to empower and protect children online with WhiteRibbonWeek.org founder Deanna Lambson Deanna Lambson, founder of WhiteRibbonWeek.org, discusses a gospel-centered approach to conversations about internet safety and tackling less-comfortable subjects.
Episode 63: Deseret News Executive Editor Doug Wilks on how connection helped overcome contempt in 2021 Deseret News Executive Editor Doug Wilks joins the Church News podcast to discuss the important events of 2021 and how they impacted Latter-day Saints.