Episode 23: Protection from pornography — Licensed therapist offers 5 action points for parents and hope for healing Licensed marriage and family therapist Jill Manning discusses lighting the way to protect homes and families from the darkness of pornography.
Episode 22: ‘Charity Never Faileth’ even in a pandemic — President Bingham celebrates 179 years of Relief Society This episode of the Church News podcast, released during Women’s History Month, features Relief Society General President Jean B. Bingham.
Episode 20: Former editor Gerry Avant shares memories of the Church News as the publication celebrates 90 years In Episode 20 of the Church News podcast, former editor Gerry Avant talks about the 90-year history of the publication and her 48-year career.
Episode 19: Director of Church History on connecting to the people in the Doctrine and Covenants In Episode 19 of the Church News podcast, Matthew J. Grow, managing director of the Church History Department, discusses Church history and studying the Doctrine and Covenants. The Doctrine and Covenants is a book of answers, so study of the book helps provide the questions, he says.
Episode 18: An inside look at RootsTech Connect 2021 with Elder Kevin S. Hamilton and FamilySearch CEO Steve Rockwood In Episode 18 of the Church News podcast, Elder Kevin S. Hamilton and FamilySearch CEO Steve Rockwood talk about the upcoming RootsTech Connect Feb. 25-27.
Episode 17: Primary general presidency counselors give a sneak peek of the Friend to Friend event for children Sister Lisa L. Harkness and Sister Cristina B. Franco discuss the first-ever Friend to Friend event and the challenges and opportunities children face as they are “Trying To Be Like Jesus."
Episode 15: Church News managing editor Scott Taylor joins the podcast to discuss temples in a pandemic year Church News managing editor Scott Taylor joins Sarah Jane Weaver to discuss the Church's temples during the pandemic year: Closures, reopenings and continued growth.
Episode 13: BYU-Pathway Worldwide President Gilbert discusses innovations blessing Church education In Episode 13 of the Church News podcast, BYU-Pathway Worldwide President Clark Gilbert speaks about the program delivering online learning to students across the globe.
Episode 12: Sister Wendy Nelson joins Sister Sheri Dew to talk about President Nelson’s 3 years as Prophet In Episode 12 of the Church News podcast, Sister Wendy Nelson speaks about witnessing President Russell M. Nelson’s prophetic calling in the first three years of his service.
Episode 9: President Joy D. Jones joins Sarah Jane Weaver to discuss a new service initiative for children Primary General President Joy D. Jones explains how her presidency is working with Latter-day Saint Charities and the Friend magazine on a service initiative for children.
Episode 8: Tabernacle Choir director Mack Wilberg joins Sarah Jane Weaver to explore the history of ‘America’s Choir’ Learn about the amazing history of the Tabernacle Choir and how they are celebrating Christmas differently this year in the wake of a worldwide pandemic in this special discussion with choir director Mack Wilberg.
Episode 6: Sarah Jane Weaver interviews historian Richard E. Turley Jr. on President Nelson’s #GiveThanks invitation In Episode 6 of the Church News podcast, Richard E. Turley Jr. gives a historical perspective on President Russell M. Nelson's #GiveThanks message and other prophetic invitations.
Episode 5: Sarah Jane Weaver interviews Deseret News photographer Jeffrey D. Allred about capturing more than photos Deseret News photographer Jeffrey Allred details his experiences behind the lens capturing sacred and joyful moments of Church leaders.
Episode 4: Sarah Jane Weaver interviews President Bonnie H. Cordon about the 150-year legacy of Young Women Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon joins Sarah Jane Weaver in Episode 4 of the Church News podcast to talk about the 150th anniversary of the Young Women organization and the upcoming Face to Face event on Sunday, Nov. 15.
Episode 3: Sarah Jane Weaver interviews California and Oregon stake presidents about ministering after wildfires Chico California Stake President John Meyer and Medford Oregon Stake President John Clason join Church News editor Sarah Jane Weaver to discuss how their ministries have been shaped and defined by wildfire tragedies.