‘Come, Follow Me’: Exploring sites in Historic Kirtland, Ohio Over the past 2 decades, several buildings have been restored in Historic Kirtland, which was a gathering place in the 1830s and where the Doctrine and Covenants was first published.
Which sections of the Doctrine and Covenants have impacted your life? Church historian and recorder shares several of his Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. shared several noteworthy sections from the Doctrine and Covenants, along with study helps and the book's history, at the Church History Museum's Evening from the Museum.
Episode 19: Director of Church History on connecting to the people in the Doctrine and Covenants In Episode 19 of the Church News podcast, Matthew J. Grow, managing director of the Church History Department, discusses Church history and studying the Doctrine and Covenants. The Doctrine and Covenants is a book of answers, so study of the book helps provide the questions, he says.
‘Come, Follow Me’: Learn more and see photos of the Priesthood Restoration Site The events that occurred at the Priesthood Restoration Site in Harmony, Pennsylvania — discussed in this week's "Come, Follow Me" study — were "crucial to the restoration of the Lord's gospel."
10 notable but not well-known Church history sites in the U.S. — plus 1 in England Two islands in Maine, Wisconsin pineries, the site near where “Come, Come, Ye Saints” was written and a recently restored home in Nauvoo, Illinois, are part of a list below of these 10 sites in 10 states across the United States — plus one in England — that are connected to events in Church history but are not as well-known.
How the Church historic sites are fulfilling their purpose during the pandemic Through “lots of miracles” and the help of technology, Church history sites have not only continued to share the message of the Restoration, but have also increased its reach.
From monument to proclamation: celebrating the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birth, life and testimony In a New England frame house in Sharon, Vermont, the Prophet Joseph Smith was born on Dec. 23, 1805. On the 215th anniversary of his birth, take a look back at how his life and ministry have been commemorated.
Why Doctrine and Covenants ‘Come, Follow Me’ in 2021 will be ‘more than Church history,’ Sunday School general presidency says As a new year of “Come, Follow Me” begins in January, the Sunday School general presidency said they hope Latter-day Saints realize the Doctrine and Covenants is “more than Church history.”
What Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells learned about unity and persistence amid hardship in late 19th century The latest release of Eliza R. Snow’s discourses and Emmeline B. Wells' diaries provide insight into their teachings, service and personal lives as they strive for unity and to let “great things be done by the women of Zion.”
Topsfield: The prequel to Joseph Smith’s story that helped lay the groundwork for the Restoration Five generations of the Prophet Joseph Smith's ancestors lived in Topsfield, Massachusetts. A new monument was recently placed there to honor their legacy.
What you might not know about the first editions of the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price In 2020, three of the Church's four standard works marked significant anniversaries. Read some interesting facts about their first editions here.
Elder and Sister Christofferson ask missionaries, ‘What is one aspect of the Restoration that you are grateful for?’ In a worldwide missionary devotional streamed on Thanksgiving Day, Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife, Sister Kathy Christofferson, look at the Restoration and its blessings through the lens of gratitude.
How do you #HearHim? President Nelson’s timely invitation during a year of uncertainty and fear “In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting and constant influence of the Holy Ghost,” President Russell M. Nelson has said.
New Joseph Smith Papers volume features Eliza R. Snow poems, revelation on baptisms for the dead The 105 documents in the newly released “Joseph Smith Papers, Documents Volume 11: September 1842–February 1843" include poems penned by Eliza R. Snow and Joseph Smith's revelation on baptisms for the dead now canonized in the Doctrine and Covenants.
Elder and Sister Rasband to young adults during Face to Face: ‘We need you’ During a Face to Face event on Sept. 13, Elder and Sister Rasband answered questions from young adults and shared insights on the Restoration and the bicentennial proclamation.
President Nelson at Mission Leadership Seminar: How to receive divine tutoring like the Prophet Joseph Smith Speaking during the 2020 Mission Leadership Seminar, President Russell M. Nelson promised new mission leaders that they will be guided by heaven as they seek inspiration from on high.
Elder and Sister Rasband extend 2 invitations for upcoming Face to Face event for young adults Elder Ronald A. Rasband and his wife, Sister Melanie Rasband, invite young adults to participate in a Face to Face event on Sept. 13. The event will focus on the Restoration and bicentennial proclamation.